Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 669: Very close

Chapter 669: Very close

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"What do you think? You haven't even learned how to walk, yet you're already thinking of running?" Ye Wanwan gave him side-eye. "Have you gone through the script I gave you?"

Gong Xu's eyes lit up brightly at the mention of the script. "I've gone through it, I've gone through it! Damn! It's awesome! That script was basically made just for me! The male lead is too handsome, isn't he?!"


He's just an ignorant and incompetent hedonistic son of rich parents...

Ye Wanwan: "Glad you like it."

Gong Xu asked impatiently, "Ye-ge, when are we going to start filming? I can't wait anymore!"

Ye Wanwan's eyes flashed with a faint light. "Not so soon - you should focus on the rest of your assignments and the movie the company's arranged for you. The filming for this isn't urgent."

"Ah? Why? I want to film this first!" Gong Xu muttered.

At first, Ye Wanwan wanted to pull investors in for this production. Since she was relying on the reputation of Worldwide, getting sponsors shouldn't be difficult.

However, she recently received news that Chu Hong Guang's nephew was secretly asking and paying attention to Dazzling Media. He had also been visiting Chu Hong Guang's office frequently and had probably set his eyes on Dazzling...

Since we shouldn't let one's own fertile water flow into others' fields, why can't I just fund this production myself?

This was her greatest trump card - she couldn't let it be revealed so quickly...

Ye Wanwan: "We'll talk again once you practice your acting - not until it reaches an acceptable point."

Even if she wanted to use her abilities to coax an artist into character, the artist still needed to have the skill and instinct first. It wasn't as if she could simply get any ordinary person to become great at acting all of a sudden - that was unrealistic.

How could an apple tree produce an orange? It was the same logic.

Gong Xu's foundation was still too weak and giving him more time would be safer.

"Alright then..." Gong Xu nodded obediently and glanced at Luo Chen, grinning.

What's the big deal about getting some special attention, huh? Ye-ge custom-made a new script just for me, hehe...

"Are you going together with me and Luo Chen for the company gathering tonight, or do you have your own arrangements?" Ye Wanwan asked.

Gong Xu replied immediately, "Together, together! Of course I'm going with Ye-ge!"

Those company gatherings used to be pointless and boring to him - he never attended any of them, but with Ye-ge, things were obviously different!

"Okay, let's go."

Half an hour later, at the Blues Bar:

There was already quite a crowd at the bar when they arrived and when everyone saw Ye Wanwan, they went over to greet her one after another.


"Director Ye!"

"Ye-ge, please sit here!"

Ye Wanwan nodded slightly then sat in the middle of the sofa with Gong Xu and Luo Chen flanking her left and right sides.

Although she had taken over a number of artists, Luo Chen and Gong Xu's statuses were different - Luo Chen was the first artist she personally groomed after all.

Ye Wanwan had just sat down when her phone started ringing. It was Han Xian Yu calling.

Han Xian Yu: "Hey Ye Bai, where are you?"

Ye Wanwan: "Blues Bar, company gathering. What's up?"

Han Xian Yu: "What a coincidence. I'm just around the corner and have something I need to discuss with you - is it convenient if I head over?"

Ye Wanwan, "Of course. You're more than welcome."

Han Xian Yu: "Tsk, alright then. Give me five minutes."

Ye Wanwan: "OK."

Gong Xu's ears had already perked up. "Ye-ge, who was that?"

"Han Xian Yu," Ye Wanwan answered.

Gong Xu muttered, "Uh... Ye-ge, you're very close to Xian Yu-ge, huh? He has his own manager, so why does he keep going to you to discuss his issues?!"

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