Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 668: A desire to marry him

Chapter 668: A desire to marry him

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Wan Shanshan turned to Ling Shao Zhe and tried to curry favor with him. "Shao Zhe, don't be mad. I'll get someone to make this post viral later! There are people who'll take revenge for you - just wait and see how everyone will curse Gong Xu! Don't debase yourself by arguing with this useless, rich second-generation kid!"

Hearing this, Ling Shao Zhe's gloomy expression slowly turned gentler.

Even though he was also a popular newbie, Gong Xu's reputation and his was worlds apart.

That rich second generation kid would cause his own doom someday!

While Xiao Qing was busy passing out gifts to the crew, Ye Wanwan walked up to Xiao Chen. "Xiao Chen, try this medication. My girlfriend has the same issue as you - she's in extreme pain for those few days every month. She eventually found a very experienced, old Chinese doctor and he gave her this prescription. She said this is quite effective, so you should give it a try."

Actually, Ye Wanwan got it from Sun Bai Cao; legendary doctor Sun's advice obviously wouldn't be off.

Xiao Chen was a member of the stage management crew. She looked at the man's handsome face and her little face blushed. "Ah... this... that's too nice of you! Thank you so much!"

Ye Wanwan said, "It's nothing, don't mention it! Furthermore, I should be the one thanking you instead - thanks for taking care of Luo Chen!"

The stage management crew might seem like they were just in charge of doing odd jobs, but taking care of all the miscellaneous matters for the entire crew, mobilizing everybody, allocating tasks and taking care of daily affairs required them to be extremely vigilant and observant.

For example, regarding what happened that day, Xiao Chen helped a lot...

"It's alright, I'm glad I was able to be of help to you. I just can't take it when they bully others!" Xiao Chen said shyly before her eyes filled with regret.

The first time she met manager Ye was during the first shooting of this drama. She was in so much pain due to her period that she wished she was dead, but at that time, they were very busy and she couldn't leave at all. As a minor crew member, all she could do was try to tolerate the pain.

Only Ye Bai noticed she was in pain and he discreetly sent his assistant to send her a warm pack, dark brown sugar water, and painkillers. He even asked his assistant to lighten her workload.

At that moment, she only had one thought in her mind: a desire to marry him...

Ay, too bad an amazing guy like him already has a girlfriend...

Not far off, Gong Xu watched as the stage management crew member, Xiao Chen, was giggling and blushing with Ye Bai and he felt uneasy in his heart.

She's just a small crew member - why does he have to be so nice to her?! Really! If he's so free, why doesn't he come over and comfort me instead?!

Gong Xu was whining when he heard footsteps approaching.

"Gong Xu..." Luo Chen walked up to Gong Xu and stood there, hesitant to speak.

Gong Xu immediately transformed into a fighting rooster and entered battle mode. "What?"

"Just now..." Luo Chen paused before he continued, "Thank you."

Gong Xu immediately waved him off and felt somewhat uncomfortable. "Don't look at me with such a disgusting expression. I wasn't doing it for you!"

"I know, but still, thank you," Luo Chen said earnestly.

Ye Wanwan: "What are you two talking about?"

Seeing that Ye Bai was walking over, Gong Xu said eagerly, "Ye-ge, when are you going to give me special attention and practice my lines with me?"

Ye Wanwan: "You're not ready for that yet."

Gong Xu's little face collapsed in an instant. "Is my acting really that bad...?"

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