Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 663: More unreasonable and bigger bully

Chapter 663: More unreasonable and bigger bully

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"Ah! Dong Zai, Gong Xu's amazing, isn't he?!" Xiao Qing asked with her starry-eyed face. "Hng, let these unreasonable bullies take on an even more unreasonable and bigger bully!"

Gong Xu's little assistant: "Uh..."

Is she praising or scolding him?

However, on this rare occasion, the little assistant nodded his head in agreement - this was the first time he felt that this unreasonable artist was quite cool.

Ling Shao Zhe was so mad that he was red in the face, but he couldn't do anything. He could easily oppress Luo Chen with money, but what could he do about Gong Xu?

Want to use money to deal with Gong Xu? He could crush you to death with money...

Gong Xu acted like some great ancestor as he said, "What are you waiting for? Take it off! Is young master's outfit so comfortable, huh?"

Ling Shao Zhe: "You..."

Wan Shanshan was fuming mad. "Gong Xu, don't go too far!"

Several Emperor Sky's artists started to echo along.

"Gong Xu, you're being unreasonable!"

"You're too much, acting like a big shot here!"

Gong Xu smiled, evidently in a good mood. "Oh wow, so you guys also think I'm a bigger shot than your Ling Shao Zhe? Not bad, not bad. At least you guys have an idea of your own strength!"

"You... you-you..."

Gong Xu was extremely stubborn. This group of people had been talking for a long time, but they didn't get anything out of it and they were all angered by him.

At this moment, Wan Shanshan's eyes lit up and she suddenly sneered as she took out a phone and played a clip.

"Gong Xu, wait till I post this video on the internet - we'll see how you can still act so arrogantly then!"

She played the clip and it was a video recording starting from the part where Gong Xu poured coffee all over Ling Shao Zhe.

Seeing this, the faces of Luo Chen and the two assistants changed.

That's despicable! They actually deliberately misrepresented what happened!

Just as Luo Chen and the two assistant felt worried, Gong Xu let out a laugh and acted as if he was looking at a bunch of fools. "Tsk, trying to threaten young master with this? I can be more arrogant than this; wanna try me?"

Seeing Gong Xu's reaction, Wan Shanshan was dumbfounded and the smile on her face froze.

This method might be effective on others, but using it to threaten Gong Xu...?

This guy had so many issues that he wasn't even bothered by them anymore. As the saying went, "A dead pig never fears boiling water," his reputation was already in this horrendous state. As if he would be afraid of this.

Gong Xu glanced at his assistant, Dong Zai, and said, "Go get me another cup of coffee! Young master here shall splash more and let you take your time to record it all. you. want!"

Hearing that, the small-time artists from Emperor Sky didn't dare to make a sound. Ling Shao Zhe's face turned pale and he glared at Wan Shanshan unhappily.

If it wasn't for this woman acting smart, he wouldn't be in this embarrassing state now!

Wan Shanshan was in a dilemma - she didn't expect Gong Xu would be so hard to handle; he was totally impervious to criticism and was so stubborn!

Wan Shanshan realized she couldn't clean this mess up and felt helpless. Suddenly, she recalled rumors about Gong Xu being afraid of his new manager, so she blurted out, "Gong Xu, don't you dare! If your manager finds out, you'll see how you're going to answer for it!"

The second Wan Shanshan said that, Gong Xu's face stiffened.

Wan Shanshan was initially just trying her luck, but seeing Gong Xu's reaction, she realized she found Gong Xu's weak spot and suddenly felt overwhelmed with joy. "Hahaha... where did your arrogance go? Keep being arrogant! Continue! If you're not afraid of your manager finding out, continue making a ruckus!"

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