Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 664: Failed threat

Chapter 664: Failed threat

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One thing Gong Xu hated the most in life was being threatened by others, especially when it involved someone he cared about a lot. His eyes were like icy daggers shooting towards Wan Shanshan.

"What? Scared? Don't you dare to do it anymore?" Wan Shanshan was completely fearless. "Go apologize to our Shao Zhe right this moment! Otherwise, I'll have this video uploaded online! I'm afraid your manager will be extremely mad when he sees it, oh!"

Xiao Qing and Dong Zai started panicking.

What should we do, what should we do...?

These people were ridiculous - they actually used Ye-ge to threaten Gong Xu.

Gong Xu cared about Ye-ge's opinion the most!

It was rare to see Gong Xu so defeated, so Ling Shao Zhe was obviously elated. He sat there leisurely and said, "What's wrong? Young master Gong doesn't seem very willing, huh?"

Tsk, Gong Xu, I didn't expect you'd face this embarrassment too!

While the atmosphere turned stiff, from the corners of Dong Zai's eyes, he saw someone approaching them and he lit up as if he had just seen his savior.


"Ye-ge, you're here..." Xiao Qing's face was filled with grief.

Ye Wanwan swept her gaze through these people. "What's going on here?"

Wan Shanshan crossed her arms and stood still as she said, "Great manager Ye, you came just in time! Take good care of your artists! These two are lousy at acting but are experts in causing trouble. They were tyrannical, bullying the crew and acting like some big shots!"

Xiao Qing was extremely anxious as she quickly recounted the incident, "Ye-ge, it wasn't like this. They were the ones who started it - this woman tripped Luo Chen on purpose which caused him to spill the coffee on Ling Shao Zhe's clothes. After that, they were so greedy and asked for a compensation of $800,000 and even forced Luo Chen to clean his shoes..."

"Which eye of yours saw me tripping him? Don't accuse me! On the other hand, it was Gong Xu who was acting like a big shot and splashing coffee on our Shao Zhe on purpose. I have video evidence, alright?!"

After listening to Xiao Qing and Shanshan, Ye Wanwan turned to Gong Xu. "You poured coffee on Ling Shao Zhe on purpose?"

Gong Xu wasn't even half as arrogant as before. He was totally shocked after seeing Ye Wanwan and stood there nervously. "I..."

What should I do...

Ye-ge hates it when I make trouble!

Wan Shanshan was delighted when she saw how petrified Gong Xu was. She rushed forward and waved her phone in front of him. "Gong Xu, your manager is watching. You better apologize obediently!"

Didn't think that the rumors were true - Gong Xu really is afraid of this manager.

Ling Shao Zhe had a smug look on his face as he sat there lazily and waited for Gong Xu's apology.

Luo Chen bit his lip. After all, everything started because of him, so he should be the one apologizing. Hence, he stepped forward and said, "Ye-ge, this has nothing to do with Gong Xu. I was the one..."

Wan Shanshan sneered, "You're included as well, don't worry. Obviously, you have to apologize too!"

Wan Shanshan looked in Ye Wanwan's direction. "I will really upload this clip online if you don't get your artists to apologize, oh! Great manager Ye, think carefully about the consequences!"

While the artists from Emperor Sky watched this good show and while Luo Chen and Gong Xu were panicking, Ye Wanwan glanced at Wan Shanshan without any expression then two words emerged from her thin lips: "Upload it."

Wan Shanshan: "..."

Ling Shao Zhe: "..."

Luo Chen: "..."

Gong Xu: "..."

The two of them, including Luo Chen and Gong Xu, were dumbfounded, especially Gong Xu. He lifted his head in disbelief and almost couldn't believe his own ears.

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