Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 662: I was wondering who was the one

Chapter 662: I was wondering who was the one

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Ling Shao Zhe was already an A-lister, yet he had to be overshadowed by a has-been artist - how could he swallow this injustice?

Since Wan Shanshan was the one who started making trouble today, Ling Shao Zhe was obviously glad to play along.

With his rank, the crew would stand on his side even if they knew the truth; they wouldn't bother protecting a has-been like Luo Chen who only managed to get the role of a supporting actor.

"You guys are such bullies - it was you guys who caused trouble first!" Xiao Qing was furious.

Luo Chen stood there in silence. Even though he exploded in fame for a while before, he was nothing compared to an A-list artist like Ling Shao Zhe.

With his current position and status, he didn't have the right to fight back...

Just an apology...

Status in the entertainment industry was everything. This kind of bullying was very common; this was something he was very clear about.

Moreover, Ye-ge might be arriving soon and he didn't want to cause any trouble for him.

Luo Chen took a deep breath. "Fine... I'll apologize..."

"Tsk..." Ling Luo Chen scoffed. "It's not enough if you just apologize; my shoes are dirty too but leather shoes won't get ruined if they're just a little dirty. Clean them up for me and it'll be fine!" Ling Shao Zhe said in a generous tone.

"What did you say?!" Xiao Jing raised her voice in anger.

Luo Chen's face changed as well.

Right as everyone's eyes were trained on this show, suddenly everybody, including Xiao Qing, looked behind Luo Chen.

"Ah... Gong..."

Gong Xu...

Why would Gong Xu come to the film set of "Terrifying Dragon 2"?

Luo Chen felt a weight on his shoulders and a familiar voice entered his ears.

"Oh, I was wondering who was being a big shot here. So it's you, Ling Shao Zhe!" Gong Xu smiled and looked at Ling Shao Zhe, who was seated on a real leather chair. His pair of tiny canines appeared subtly and looked somewhat sinister.

"Gong Xu..." Luo Chen was surprised and turned to Gong Xu, who had his arm draped around his shoulders intimately.

When Ling Shao Zhe saw Gong Xu, his face turned gloomy. "What? Do you have something to say?"

If Luo Chen was considered to be his old foe, Gong Xu could even be called his nemesis.

The two of them had a similar acting trajectory and they were also in rival companies, so they often came into conflict.

"Haha, no, of course I don't. It's just that..."

Gong Xu curled his lips and glanced at Luo Chen then he suddenly took the cup of coffee from him.

Then Gong Xu walked over to Ling Shao Zhe with a wide grin and stood there. He held up the cup of coffee and in the next second, he poured the rest of the coffee on Ling Shao Zhe's pants without a single drop of coffee left in the cup.

"GONG XU! What are you doing?!" Ling Shao Zhe stood up instantly and roared.

Even his crotch area was soaking wet.

"What am I doing?" Gong Xu raised his brows and extended his arm.

The little assistant following behind him jogged over with a checkbook and pen.

Gong Xu wrote $800,000 on the cheque and slapped it on Ling Shao Zhe then replied, "Now, this outfit belongs to me. Young master here is splashing coffee on my own outfit - is it any of your business? What are you yelling for?"

Ling Shao Zhe's lungs nearly exploded in anger. "You..."

"Eh? What about me? Didn't you say we just had to pay up?" Gong Xu put on an innocent face.

"Pfff..." Xiao Qing couldn't contain her laughter and she looked at Gong Xu, starry-eyed.

As for Luo Chen, he didn't expect that Gong Xu, who had always opposed him, would actually stand up for him. He looked a little perplexed.

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