Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 661: Stirring trouble on purpose

Chapter 661: Stirring trouble on purpose

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Luo Chen balled up his fists and returned to his seat without a word.

The moment he picked up the cup of coffee next to him, a female artist extended her leg to trip him and acted like it was accidental.

The coffee in Luo Chen's hand swayed and spilled all over Ling Shao Zhe.

"Aiya, why are you so careless?! You dirtied Shao Zhe's clothes!" the female artist screamed while criticizing him. At the same time, she quickly took out a tissue pack and hopped over to Ling Shao Zhe to clean the stain around his chest.

Ling Shao Zhe was a little bit of a clean freak, so he frowned instantly. "Gross!"

"Exactly, this trash! It's disgusting to be in the same production team as him! Hey, why are you still standing there? You should apologize to Shao Zhe!" the female artist screeched.

Xiao Qing couldn't take this anymore as she shielded Luo Chen like an old mother hen. "Wan Shanshan, what's your problem? You were the one who stuck out your leg to trip our Luo Chen and caused his coffee to spill - you should be the one apologizing!"

"Which eye of yours saw me tripping him? Did you guys see it?" Wan Shanshan swept her gaze across the few surrounding artists.

They immediately answered at the same time:

"No, no... Luo Chen spilled it himself!"

"Luo Chen spilled his coffee on Ling Shao Zhe on purpose!"

"Yes yes yes, he's jealous, so he did it on purpose. This is too much!"


"You... all of you! Venomous slanderers!" Xiao Qing was furious.

After Ling Shao Zhe got famous, he loved acting like a big shot and bullying the newcomers, much less an old foe like Luo Chen.

At this moment, he glanced at Luo Chen then said casually, "Don't call me a bully. It's fine if you don't apologize. This outfit cost $800,000 - just pay for it and I'll forget this incident."

Everyone was stunned when they heard the price of this outfit...

"WOW! That outfit was actually so expensive?"

"Of course it was; this is a limited edition outfit by brand H. There are only ten sets in the world. Just a single diamond button costs $100,000..."

Xiao Qing panicked when she heard how expensive this outfit was. "But... but it's just a little dirty - can't you just wash it? Do you have to go to this extent?"

Wan Shanshan said in a high-pitched voice, "Wash it - are you kidding me? How can you simply wash an outfit like this? Even if it's just a little dirty, the entire outfit is ruined, OK! Forget it, a country bumpkin like you wouldn't understand!"

Luo Chen's face darkened and his fists were clenched. The pay he took home from the entire drama series wasn't even a million and he already spent it all on his mother's medical fees and surgery - where could he find this amount of money...

"Why? You can't afford it?"

"Tsk, acting like you're so high-class when you're broke!"

"That's right. Just apologize! Why are you acting?!"

Emperor Sky and Worldwide had always been on bad terms; Ling Shao Zhe and Luo Chen also had a long-standing feud, so these people were stirring up trouble on purpose.

Before, they only had a bit of friction, but this time, after seeing Luo Chen being scolded by the director, they obviously had to seize the chance to insult him.

Ling Shao Zhe was calm and unruffled as he looked at the dashing teen before him. He recalled how he was overshadowed by a supporting actor during "Terrifying Dragon 1" and started fuming in his heart.

What made him angrier was that once the news of "Terrifying Dragon 2" was released, those comments started surfacing once again and everyone compared him to Luo Chen. Also, many said that Luo Chen's performance would be more spectacular in the second series.

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