Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 658: Affects the image of the city

Chapter 658: Affects the image of the city

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Ye Mu Fan choked. "That... that wouldn't be too good, huh... it would affect the image of the city..."

Ye Wanwan said, "Forget it, there are still chances to deal with him in the future. Just focus on your work first. I'm going to Worldwide for a meeting and will try to find a chance to recommend you and see whether you can enter the production team of 'The Prosperous Dynasty,' I'll let you know when I'm back."

"Sure, sure! Thank you, boss!"


Worldwide Entertainment Headquarters building, conference room:

Chu Hong Guang was in a great mood as he praised and flattered Ye Wanwan in front of everyone.

"Hahaha... in such a short time, Dazzling's profits have doubled. Ye Bai, you did a fantastic job!"

The others from senior management echoed those praises for her as well.

"Director Ye is indeed going to surpass us!"

"Chairman Chu is really a good judge of talent!"

"That's right, that's right. Chairman Chu has good judgment and picked a good horse like director Ye!"

Ye Wanwan said humbly, "It was all thanks to chairman Chu's guidance."

Chu Hong Guang was very pleased with Ye Wanwan's reply. "Alright, you don't have to be so humble. I placed you in an important position because you're talented, but young people can't get restless. Don't be like some people who have bad intentions and start having wicked ideas once they get more power."

Chu Hong Guang praised her and didn't forget to throw in some reminders.

After all, Ye Wanwan was doing so well so quickly and he wasn't the one who groomed her, so it was normal that he was worried.

"I'll bear in mind chairman Chu's words! There's also still one thing that I need chairman Chu's permission for!" Ye Wanwan said.

"Oh? Speak your mind."

Ye Wanwan replied, "I heard that the stylist for 'The Prosperous Dynasty' hasn't been set and I have someone in mind on my side; I wonder if it's possible to allow him to go over and give it a try? If he's not suitable then chairman Chu may find someone else immediately."

"Oh, such a small matter. Just get him to report to us directly; we'll set him as the stylist then. Since he's someone you recommend, there shouldn't be any problems," Chu Hong Guang said generously.

"Thank you, chairman Chu!" Ye Wanwan wasn't surprised at all. She performed well and in order for Chu Hong Guang to express his gratitude, he should be agreeable to a small request like this.

It was just that Chu Hong Guang seemed to trust her on the surface, but this sly old fox would never give her free rein so easily. He might take action soon and she had to have a plan beforehand...

After the meeting ended, in Worldwide's chairman office:

A slovenly young man sat on the sofa and rushed over the moment he saw Chu Hong Guang, "Uncle, you're done with the meeting?"

"En. Why were you so free to come see me today?" Chu Hong Guang gave his nephew side-eye nonchalantly.

The young man's eyes shifted and he spoke anxiously, "Uncle, I'm worried for you. Do you really trust that Ye Bai? After all, he's not someone you brought in yourself and with such a big company like Dazzling, aren't you worried about handing it over to an outsider? Look at Zhou Wen Bin - he's been with you for so many years, yet he's still so unreliable, much less an outsider..."

Chu Hong Guang obviously knew his nephew had his eyes on Dazzling, this fat chunk of meat. "Look at you being so anxious; Ye Bai's just taken over Dazzling for a short while, and the company isn't stable yet, so why are you so anxious?"

The young man understood the meaning behind Chu Hong Guang's words and was delighted. "Uncle, you mean that once the company is stable, I'll be able to take over? So you already made plans, huh?! Uncle, you're capable and wise, indeed! I was worrying too much!"

Chu Hong Guang was very satisfied with this sucking up. "Bastard, get back and understand the situation at Dazzling. Don't get flustered and mess things up in the future!"

The young man was elated. "Got it, uncle, don't worry!"

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