Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 657: Sis, you won

Chapter 657: Sis, you won

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He Jun Cheng was beaten till he saw stars and he only regained his senses after a long time. Holding his now bloody nose, he roared, "YE MU FAN, YOU'RE INSANE!"

Ye Mu Fan approached him step by step. "There's more to my craziness, want to try it?"

Fear enshrouded He Jun Cheng. "You... What are you planning to do? Don't you dare mess with me! Ah! What are you doing?!"

He Jun Cheng was a weakling while Ye Mu Fan had been fighting since he was little; He Jun Cheng was no match for him at all and was subdued with a few beatings as Ye Mu Fan tied him up tightly with a rope.

"Ye Mu Fan! Let me go, you better think about the consequences!"

Ye Mu Fan ignored He Jun Cheng's howling. He took He Jun Cheng's phone and threw it away. After that, he carried him to the top of the mountain like he was carrying a little chick.

Finally, Ye Mu Fan threw He Jun Cheng in the middle of the graveyard and said, "Great director He, enjoy the night!"

He Jun Cheng's gaze swept across the densely packed graveyard and goosebumps started forming. He was so scared that his voice cracked: "F*ck! Let me go! Let me go! Ye Mu Fan! Go to hell——"

Now he finally realized why Ye Mu Fan wanted to meet there, but it was too late.

Ye Mu Fan placed his hands behind his head and looked up at the moon while he made his way down the mountain slowly with He Jun Cheng whining in the background.

"Ye Mu Fan! You as*hole!"

"Help... help me... is there anyone out there..."

"Someone get me out of here!"

He Jun Cheng continued yelling for the entire night, but how would there be anyone at the graveyard at this hour?


After Ye Mu Fan returned to his apartment, he slept till daylight so his skin looked radiant and smooth. He arrived at the company looking refreshed and handsome.

The moment he reached the office, he heard a few colleagues gossiping about something.

"Really! Is it true - was it really He Jun Cheng? That head stylist He Jun Cheng from Assembly of Stars?"

"They got a clear shot of his face. It's him for sure!"

"Who did he offend, huh? He was actually tied up and dumped at the graveyard!"


"What are you guys chatting about?" Ye Mu Fan overheard He Jun Cheng's name so he walked over.

"Head stylist Felix!"

"Good morning!"

"We're talking about the latest morning post on Weibo - someone went to Long Qian mountain early in the morning and saw a man being tied up and tossed in the graveyard. It scared him out of his wits and he thought he saw a ghost, so he took a photo and posted it onto the Internet. In the end, netizens found out that the man was actually the head stylist, He Jun Cheng, of Assembly of Stars Entertainment. Surprising, huh?"

Ye Mu Fan raised his brows and spoke without any expression, "En, quite surprising."

At this moment, Ye Mu Fan's phone started ringing. It was a call from Ye Wanwan.

Ye Mu Fan's face turned from relaxed to panicked. He quickly went to the toilet and answered the call nervously. "Hello, Wanwan ah..."

Without any polite greetings, Ye Wanwan went straight to the point. "You were the one behind what happened to He Jun Cheng?"

Darn it! Sure enough, she found out.

Ye Mu Fan stuttered as he tried to explain. "This... Sis, you... Don't be angry, I won't be impulsive and cause trouble anymore..."

"Why didn't you strip him naked before tying him up? Also, don't you think dumping him at the main gate of Imperial City's Fashion Management Association would be better?" Ye Wanwan said in a dissatisfied tone.

"Uh..." Ye Mu Fan couldn't complete his sentence.

Sis, you won...

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