Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 656: Come here, I'll tell you

Chapter 656: Come here, I'll tell you

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The sun was slowly setting and the sky turned darker.

In the blink of an eye, two hours had gone by and everything was pitch black.

This secluded place was void of people; there were neither houses nor shops present and there was even a cemetery on the mountain. It felt eerie and chilly.

He Jun Cheng shuddered. He rubbed his arms and muttered a curse as he made another call. "Young master Ye, is your car working fine? Did it break down on the road again? Why don't I just go over and pick you up?"

"Soon, soon, be there in about five more minutes!"

He said five minutes right before! This guy is doing this on purpose!

He Jun Cheng was so furious that he nearly cursed. "My car is parked in front of the signboard, just meet me here directly!"

"Alright, got it!"

Ye Mu Fan hung up, drank almost half a bottle of red wine and finished reading his magazines and some documents. Then he finally got up and left the house at a leisurely pace.

An hour later, Ye Mu Fan finally arrived via taxi.

He Jun Cheng had waited four hours for Ye Mu Fan and he nearly exploded.

In the end, he still smiled when he saw Ye Mu Fan. "Aiya, young master Ye, you're finally here! Your luck isn't too good today, huh? You kept bumping into obstacles on your way here! But it's okay, the road to happiness is paved with hardships, right?!"

He couldn't say anything even when he knew Ye Mu Fan did it on purpose.

Darn it, wait till I settle this one. I'll make sure to torture Ye Mu Fan!

"But young master Ye, why did you meet me here? Should we go somewhere else to get a drink and talk?" He Jun Cheng felt like this place was too creepy.

Ye Mu Fan lit a cigarette, took a long drag and puffed out a circle of smoke. "This place is pretty good - quiet and secluded."

"Fine fine fine, as long as you like it. Then let's talk business now - as long as you continue working for me, I'll pay you $10,000 a month. What do you think? Generous enough, right?" He Jun Cheng went straight to the point in a hurry.

Ye Mu Fan took another drag and mumbled, "$10,000..."

Seeing that Ye Mu Fan was still hesitant, He Jun Cheng said in a gallant tone, "I'll give you $20,000! Official staff in the company earn the same amount!"

When Ye Mu Fan heard that, he laughed out loud.

"Then... $30,000? That's almost the same as what I'm getting!" He Jun Cheng said charitably.

Tsk, he earns $30,000 from the company, but his reputation earns him a hundred times more than that. He's just treating me like a beggar...

He Jun Cheng said earnestly, "Young master Ye, I know your life isn't easy right now. I'm sure you're aware of your current situation as well - that second uncle of yours isn't easy to deal with and will never let you succeed."

"Honestly, you won't get a better offer than this outside, and some companies might not even let you through the door. With your father in such heavy debt, at least you don't have to worry about clothing and food when you work for me, right?"

Ye Mu Fan raised his brows. "That makes sense..."

Once He Jun Cheng saw that Ye Mu Fan was almost convinced, he got excited. "What else do you want? Just let me know!"

Ye Mu Fan chuckled and said mysteriously, "What I want... come here, I'll tell you!"

He Jun Cheng walked over anxiously.

Ye Mu Fan tossed his cigarette away and extinguished it with his shoe then smiled and looked at He Jun Cheng.

In the next second, just as He Jun Cheng stepped towards him, there was a resounding "bang."

"AH——" He Jun Cheng cried out in pain and fell to the ground from the punch.

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