Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 659: Not going there to stir up trouble

Chapter 659: Not going there to stir up trouble

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After Ye Wanwan walked out of Worldwide's building, she gave Ye Mu Fan a call to inform him of the outcome.

"Ge, I've already settled things on my side here. You should get ready and report for work at the 'The Prosperous Dynasty' quickly."

"Huh?" Ye Mu Fan took a few seconds to register what she said. "Se-settled?! Just like that?! So I just have to report directly? There's no trial or anything?"

"No need, Chu Hong Guang had made the post himself. As long as it's not an important post, Chu Hong Guang won't really mind. It's normal for him to simply use it to return a favor.

However, this opportunity was very important to Ye Mu Fan. Whether or not he could use this chance to make it big would depend on himself. After all, it took way too long to start from the bottom and he greatly needed influential work.

Taking advantage of the fact that he had some authority now, he had to quickly strive for more resources because next time... it might not be so simple...

"But whether or not you can make the most out of this opportunity depends on you," Ye Wanwan reminded him.

"Got it. Wanwan, I won't let you down!"

Ye Wanwan's face warmed up a little. "En, go get busy. I'm heading down to the site of 'Terrifying Dragon 2' to check on Luo Chen."



A certain filming site of a variety show:

"Are we done yet?" Gong Xu's patience was running out.

The director of the broadcasting station jogged over quickly, "We're done, we're done. Xu-ge, the station would like to treat you to dinner tonight. Will you do us the honor?"

"No way!" Once Gong Xu heard that it was done, he stood up immediately and strode off.

"Uh..." The director stood in the same spot awkwardly.

The little assistant hurriedly chased after him. "Xu-ge... Xu-ge, go slower, where are we going to go now?"

"The filming site of 'Terrifying Dragon 2'!" Gong Xu replied.

"Ah? What are we going there for?" The little assistant didn't understand.

"Obviously we're going to find Ye-ge! He doesn't have the time to come over, so I'm going there to find him instead!" Gong Xu replied like it was the obvious thing to do.

"Uh... is that okay? Should we inform Ye-ge first?" The little assistant asked meekly.

"What, what?! What kind of expression is this? I'm going to see Ye-ge, not stir up trouble!" Gong Xu was offended.

"Yes yes yes..." The little assistant wiped the sweat off his forehead.

His relationship with Luo Chen was like fire and water. If they went to the filming site now, how could he not worry - what if something happened? How was he going to answer Ye-ge?!

He could only hope that Ye-ge had already ended his meeting and was at the filming site...

In the meantime, Imperial City's "Terrifying Dragon 2" filming site:

The production crew rented the entire scenic area for the filming of this series.

Currently, the shooting was undergone with nervousness.

The crew was ready in their positions and the cameras were pointed towards a pair in the woods - Luo Chen and one of the supporting actress in the series, Liang Yue, who was playing the role of Qingqing.

An imperial teacher in the state in "Terrifying Dragon" predicted that there was someone who would bring misfortune and cause the dynasty to perish, so he gave the order to eliminate this person.

The imperial teacher calculated that person's birthday and whereabouts, but nobody could find Lin Luo Chen. In order for the so-called safety and peace of the nation, they decided to burn down the entire village.

Everyone in the village died and only Lin Luo Chen, Yun Hai, and Qingqing managed to escape.

The three of them fled to the general's mansion and joined the army camp.

In the end, many years later, Lin Luo Chen's identity was exposed.

At that moment, Yun Hai was out on a mission in the desert and didn't know anything about this.

Qingqing fled with Lin Luo Chen and was finally killed when she blocked a sword for Lin Luo Chen.

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