Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 650: This gold mountain is hard to dig!

Chapter 650: This gold mountain is hard to dig!

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Ye Wanwan took a gulp and said carefully, "Uh... but you made me agree to a contract before and isn't one of the prerequisites for my freedom to not ask you for anything?"

Back then, Si Ye Han was certain she would get badly bruised once she encountered the outside world and would return to his side and beg him for help eventually...

But in the end...

The great devil who dug a pit for himself once again: "..."

Si Ye Han's thin lips became a straight line and after some time, he said without any expression, "You can try to convince me."

He was sitting on the sofa by the side. He looked at her and continued, "Maybe I'll change my mind."

Ye Wanwan: "..."

Si Ye Han might go back on what he said before?

No matter what, using Si Ye Han as her guinea pig wasn't a bad idea; if she could get Si Ye Han onboard, wouldn't attracting other investors be as easy as ABC?

Thus, Ye Wanwan coughed lightly. "Alright, alright then... can I start now?"

Si Ye Han: "Sure."

Ye Wanwan had prepared this investment proposal for a very long time, so she spoke with ease like she was driving on a familiar road. "Firstly, our background - Dazzling Media is a subsidiary of Worldwide Entertainment. We are strong and have abundant resources and a wide network. I can apply for this series to receive resources at the front lines..."

Si Ye Han tilted his head slightly and appeared as if he wasn't convinced at all.

Ye Wanwan didn't give up. She continued, "Secondly, the lineup - currently, the candidate we have chosen is the most popular young man at the moment, Gong Xu. Although Gong Xu's acting was criticized severely, I've arranged some professional training for him recently and most importantly, this script is very well-suited for him. I believe this drama series will be the pivotal work that changes the public's opinion of Gong Xu and redeem his image. By now, there should be sufficient talking points for this production..."

Si Ye Han was still expressionless. When he heard Gong Xu's name, his brows furrowed.

Great, I've been going on for so long and not only did I not gain any points, I got points deducted.

Ye Wanwan didn't dare to bring Gong Xu up anymore. She quickly tried to remediate the situation. "Thirdly, the script - these days, sponsors only look at the production team and cast and rarely read the script, but actually, the script is at the heart of a show. Country H and country M's movie industries have always focused on the script - the screenwriters hold the greatest authority, so many quality dramas are produced by them, superior to the ones produced by us..."

Ye Wanwan spoke till her mouth was parched, but in the end, Si Ye Han was still indifferent.

Ye Wanwan was somewhat speechless. She threw the proposal aside and gulped down a large cup of water.

Is the proposal I took such a long time to prepare this bad?

How am I going to pull in sponsors then?!

Si Ye Han's gaze followed her urgent expression. "Why aren't you continuing?"

The corners of Ye Wanwan's lips twitched. Continue your father! You have to give me some reaction at least!

Ye Wanwan inhaled deeply and continued, "Anyway, I'm confident; I can promise that the final revenue and impact this drama series will have will be several times your investment!"

The companies that invested in this drama series in her previous life earned massive returns.

Si Ye Han: "So?"

Ye Wanwan was speechless as she looked at Si Ye Han's disdainful expression that read: The great master here is filthy rich - so what if you can earn a hundred times more?

You see money as dirt, so how am I supposed to get you to invest?

Alas, Ye Wanwan was left with no tricks up her sleeves, so she simply blurted out, "Then... well, we shouldn't let one's own fertile water flow into others' fields [1], right?!"

Hearing that phrase, Si Ye Han's paralyzed expression finally showed some changes——

"You've convinced me."

Ye Wanwan: ..." HUH?

How was that convincing? What did I even say?

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