Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 649: An angry 9th master

Chapter 649: An angry 9th master

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Everyone from this drama series, from the artists to the production team, exploded in fame. It set countless records and came to represent Asia's teen idol dramas as a whole. After that, it was also translated and each country broadcast their own version.

However, the screenwriter of this series, Xu Lin, encountered a very tragic ending.

What Xu Lin went through was somewhat similar to Ye Mu Fan - he was the disciple of Emperor Sky's gold medal producer, Tan Zhen Xin.

As a matter of fact, the ingenious and popular scripts this so-called gold medal producer produced all came from the hands of his disciple, Xu Lin.

In the screenwriter circle, it wasn't rare for masters to exploit their master-apprentice relations or get these new and unknown screenwriters to ghostwrite for them with the ostensible purpose of training or coaching them.

After two of his dramas were extremely well-received, Xu Lin naturally wasn't satisfied with just being a ghostwriter anymore. He sent in a request for right of authorship and at the time, Tan Zhen Xin and Emperor Sky Entertainment agreed to it, but when the third drama series was produced, he wasn't given any credit once again. They simply gave him $30,000 as compensation...

Xu Lin wasn't going to sit around and be bullied, so he decided to go out on his own and find another company to work with for his new series.

As Xu Lin was overly respectful and trusting of Tan Zhen Xin before, he sent the new script over to him before his departure.

Xu Lin obviously underestimated how shameless Tan Zhen Xin and Emperor Sky were.

Tan Zhen Xin had already given the script a makeover earlier on and registered it. Emperor Sky knew very well that this was Xu Lin's creation, but for the sake of the reputation of this gold medal screenwriter, Tan Zhen Xin, they chose to collude with him and shot this series as quickly as they could.

At that time, Xu Lin was halfway through shooting his new series when he was beaten down by Tan Zhen Xin and Emperor Sky; they accused him of copyright infringement and stealing his mentor's screenplay.

As he registered his script later than Tan Zhen Xin, Xu Lin didn't have any excuses. All he could do was bear the shame and was forced to retreat. He saw how those people, who stole his work away from him, rose to fame and established a solid reputation for themselves...

On the day this drama series won the Hundred Flowers award, Xu Lin killed himself at home by burning charcoal.

The script Ye Wanwan gave Gong Xu was this exact script that exploded in popularity all over China; she wrote it entirely based on her memory.

In this life, according to her estimations, Xu Lin hadn't finished writing this series yet. She did a search online and this script wasn't registered yet either.

She wrote the script out in advance based on her memory and registered it before everyone else.

As the saying went, "The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind..."

Not only would she triumph over Emperor Sky, but she would also take Xu Lin under her wing...

When Si Ye Han heard what she said, he flipped through the business plan she wrote and didn't seem too pleased.

After a while, he raised his head and looked at Ye Wanwan. "Pulling sponsors?"

Ye Wanwan blinked. "That's right! How can I shoot a series without sponsors? I thought about it, and there are a few bosses from various companies who like investing in teen idol drama series, so the chances of getting a few sponsors are pretty good..."

Si Ye Han's face turned darker as Ye Wanwan spoke. After a long while, he replied, "Is that so?"

Ye Wanwan finally noticed something was off. Why does his attitude seem a little odd?

He was just fine a while ago...

"Uh, what is it? You don't seem too happy about it." Ye Wanwan tried to probe.

Si Ye Han placed the business plan down and looked straight at her. "Why didn't you ask me?"

Ye Wanwan was dumbfounded when she realized what he said. "Huh? Ask... ask you?"

Seeing how it seemed like this idea hadn't crossed Ye Wanwan's mind at all, Si Ye Han's face clouded over instantly. "What?"

Why didn't she ask me?

I'm a giant mountain of gold right here, yet she wanted to go to other people for sponsorships?

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