Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 651: Why are you so cute?

Chapter 651: Why are you so cute?

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When Ye Wanwan heard Si Ye Han saying "You've convinced me," she was dumbfounded.

What did I even say?

He treated money like dirt just a moment ago, but now he's suddenly convinced?

Could it be because of that phrase... "We shouldn't let one's own fertile water flow into others' fields"?

She originally only wanted to use Si Ye Han to practice her pitch. After all, if she could convince a big BOSS like Si Ye Han, would there be any investors she couldn't win over?

In the end, this guy didn't even follow the pitch routine. She tried her best, but he showed no intention of coaching her through the pitch.

Ye Wanwan hung her head and sighed. Anyway, the issue with her proposal was this: try asking someone who earns a hundred million a day if they would even bother picking up one yuan from the ground.

Si Ye Han wrote on the proposal with a golden fountain pen as he said, "How much do you need?"

What's with this careless tone of "How much do u want? Just say it"?

Ye Wanwan swallowed and stared at a certain gold mountain. "Are you really going to invest?"

Isn't this equivalent to slapping my own face?

Si Ye Han expressed a little discomfort on his face, but he still put on an expression that read: this Honor here was the one who set the rules, so if this Honor wants to change it, he can. He then said, "What's the matter?"

Ye Wanwan burst out in laughter. She rubbed her chin and looked at the man who was aloof and arrogant yet deep and passionate on the inside. "Baby, why are you so cute?"

Si Ye Han's face stiffened and he turned to look at her lazy and teasing expression.

Ye Wanwan placed the proposal down and smiled. "Didn't you want to teach me to be independent and gain experience myself so that I could deal with everything independently someday?"

Hearing the word "independent," Si Ye Han pressed his lips further.

If it's possible... how could I be willing... to let her face everything alone...

He even wished she couldn't do anything... and didn't know anything...

Looking at Si Ye Han's expression, Ye Wanwan felt a burst of pain in her heart. She looked at him earnestly and said, "Si Ye Han, if you're no longer by my side in the future, I'll take good care of myself and strive for what you wish for. If you're still here..."

Ye Wanwan paused before she continued, "I also hope I can stand beside you."

The moment her words dropped, fireworks exploded in Si Ye Han's eyes; his large palm suddenly extended and locked onto Ye Wanwan's head as he seized her lips...

Since he just showered, his hair was slightly damp. His clear, cool breath along with the moist steam coiled around her, and every touch of his ignited flames on her body...

Her breathing became ragged and when she finally caught her breath, Ye Wanwan's eyes met his eyes that were like a whirlpool capable of sucking out her soul...

Ye Wanwan was pressed onto the soft sofa. Si Ye Han's moist hair was disheveled because of the kiss just now and his pajamas were a bit loose, revealing a part of his chest which was pale due to his sickness but he wasn't visibly frail. Further down were his fine, beautiful, domineering abs and...

Ye Wanwan hurriedly shook her head and quickly steadied her mind from this charming sight. *cough* "Dr. Sun has already advised me that before you fully recuperate, you can't... can't do... vigorous exercise..."

Hearing that, Si Ye Han's face turned rigid and his eyes darkened with frustration.

Ye Wanwan chuckled when she saw his reaction. She extended her hand into his short and dark hair, massaging and soothing him. "We still have a long future ahead of us, right?! There's this saying that goes like this, 'many are the years to come' [1]!"

[1]: There is ample time ahead.

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