Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 633: Take the reins

Chapter 633: Take the reins

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"All these years I was away from home, I always remembered what grandpa and grandma taught me. I wanted to change and start over, and I knew very well that grandpa and grandma did this only for me to gain experience and for my own good, so I entered a small company to start from the bottom. I hoped that someday, I would be able to be someone they were proud of! What woman from the Shen family? That was just for fun. After all, I take after grandpa."

Listening up to this point, not only Tan Yi Lan, but even Ye Hong Wei was moved.

Ye Shao An and Liang Mei Xuan were completely dumbfounded as they watched how Ye Mu Fan denied everything and even said how obedient and sensible he was with such confidence.

Following that, after Ye Mu Fan was done with his piece, he knelt down in front of the two elders as he looked at them with sorrowful eyes. "Grandpa, grandma, I really didn't do it. Why must second uncle frame me like this?"

'Our family has already been chased out - isn't that enough? How far does he want to push us before he's satisfied?"

"He and Ye Yiyi were the ones who kept the tender document, so they must've leaked it on purpose and pushed the blame to me! Grandpa, grandma, please be the judge for your grandson!"

In the corner, Ye Wanwan held her forehead subtly. I shouldn't even have worried at all. This guy is even more into character and more shameless than I thought...

Ye Shao An was so furious that he nearly spat out blood. "You you you..."

However, he kept saying "you" and couldn't complete his sentence at all. This Mu Fan is simply too crafty, too absurd!

At this moment, Tan Yi Lan's face was completely soft. Her eyes were slightly reddened and she turned to her husband, "Hong Wei, we brought Mu Fan up single-handedly; this child is most like me, so I know his character very well - he wouldn't do something like that. We really misunderstood him!"

Ye Hong Wei nodded gravely. "En, that's right."

Ye Yiyi's little face froze - with just a few words from Ye Mu Fan, her grandparents were totally hoodwinked.

How could this happen...

Ye Shao An and Liang Mei Xuan's faces changed drastically. "Dad, mom! Don't be deceived by the flowery words of this guy!"

Ye Hong Wei berated them sternly, "Alright, it's already been proven that Mu Fan was framed. We shall not speak of this incident again!"

When Ye Hong Wei thought how Ye Shao An lost this project on purpose to frame his grandson, his face gradually turned grave although it was just Ye Mu Fan's accusation.

According to his second's son character, what Mu Fan said wasn't impossible...

Ye Shao An looked at the suspicion in his old man's eyes and really wanted to vomit blood but if he kept making a scene, he might not even be able to deal with Ye Mu Fan and implicate himself instead.

Seeing how her grandson suffered so much from this incident, Tan Yi Lan looked at Ye Shao An, obviously upset. "Shao An, you should reflect on your part for this incident as well. It was just a small Splendid Light project, yet you caused such a mess - you've neglected your duties as the CEO! Also, you better investigate who pretended to be Mu Fan and framed him!"

Investigate my a**. It was obviously this fella; how could he investigate?

Ye Shao An was at a loss for words and could only swallow his anger. "Yes..."

"Grandma, are we just going to let them off for trying to frame me? They didn't even apologize - is this how an elder should behave? Wanwan, am I right?" Ye Mu Fan kept up his act of being completely shameless.

Ye Wanwan: "..."

Don't ask me, just take the reins and continue...

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