Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 634: Lost the bait along with the fish

Chapter 634: Lost the bait along with the fish

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Ye Hong Wei glanced at Ye Shao An and the others as he said, "Apologize to Mu Fan."

What? We were beaten down yet we still have to apologize?

"What are you standing there for? Can't even do a simple thing right and caused a great commotion in the family!"

Ye Shao An saw that the old man was furious, so he reluctantly said, "Nephew, really sorry about this incident. Second uncle will get to the bottom of it."

Liang Mei Xuan suppressed her fury as she said, "Sorry, Mu Fan..."

Ye Yiyi said apologetically, "Mu Fan, sorry we misunderstood you. It seems like someone is trying to frame you on purpose. My parents acted this way only because they didn't know the truth."

Ye Mu Fan waved in a forgiving way. "Forget it, just don't simply push any sh*t to me in future!"

"You, ah, if you weren't normally so brazen, why would they suspect you?" Tan Yi Lan was angry but her tone was much gentler.

Ye Mu Fan quickly said, "Grandma, I know I was in the wrong. I'm trying my best to change and become a better person. I'll learn from Wanwan!"

When Tan Yi Lan heard that, she turned to her little granddaughter who was standing by the side in silence.

Ye Wanwan had been causing chaos outside these two years and made herself look ridiculous - she thoroughly embarrassed the Ye family.

This time, she heard that during the banquet, this little brat changed completely. Initially, she didn't believe it, but after seeing it for herself today, Ye Wanwan indeed changed quite a bit.

"I heard you got into Imperial Media and even got a top score for liberal arts?" Tan Yi Lan sized Ye Wanwan up.

Ye Wanwan lowered her gaze. "Yes, grandma."

"En, not bad. Study hard in university and don't embarrass the Ye family anymore."

"I will, grandma."

Although Tan Yi Lan's attitude towards her wasn't very warm and friendly, it was a big change compared to before when she wouldn't even look at her.

Tan Yi Lan was quite taken aback by Ye Wanwan's quiet and obedient demeanor. In the past, Ye Wanwan talked back all the time whenever she opened her mouth, but now, her temper improved. Indeed, one must face hardships outside before he or she becomes sensible.

Even though she didn't like Liang Wan Jun and her eldest son let her down completely, Wanwan and Mu Fan were still her very own grandchildren. If she hadn't been so angry, she wouldn't have chased the children out of the house and disowned them, causing the family to be separated.

Tan Yi Lan continued, "Stay for dinner tonight. We'll head back to the old residence for a meal together!"

Ye Shao Ting and Liang Wan Jun were in disbelief - this was the very first time their mother invited them back in two years...

It was easy to imagine the look on Ye Shao An and his family's faces at that moment.

This time, they truly lost the bait along with the fish...

At night, at the old residence:

Ye Mu Fan knew how to placate people very well from the beginning, but after his father went bankrupt, he became embittered due to the drastic change and grew distant from his grandparents.

At this moment, Ye Mu Fan's talent was unleashed. He managed to make his grandparents so happy during dinner that Ye Shao An and his family's faces turned green.

"Grandma, give this pig trotter to second aunt instead! Your skin is flawless - you don't even need to eat this!"

"You ah, don't be cheeky! I have to warn you - although everyone wronged you this time, don't think I'll turn a blind eye to all those absurd things you did before. Your grandfather and I built this family with our bare hands and only managed to bring our family business to this point after several decades of hard work. Our Ye family must never be handed over to a useless person!"

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