Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 632: I feel so wronged

Chapter 632: I feel so wronged

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"This..." Liang Wan Jun shook her head, "It doesn't really look like you..."

Ye Shao Ting was already thoroughly convinced his son was framed, so he shouted, "I thought you guys really found concrete evidence. In the end, you simply got someone to pretend to be my son?"

Without giving Liang Mei Xuan and Ye Shao An a chance to explain, Ye Mu Gan carried the laptop to Tan Yi Lan and Ye Hong Wei. "Grandpa, grandma, the two of you watched me grow up. Look at the person in this recording - is that person me?!"

Tan Yi Lan and Ye Hong Wei became more and more doubtful. They looked closely at the man who appeared in the recording and compared it to their grandson standing before them.

They weren't too sure why, but seeing how confident Ye Mu Fan was, the elderly couple felt that the person in the recording looked somewhat different the more they stared at him...

Ye Shao An erupted when he saw what was going on. "Ye Mu Fan, stop your pretense. Everyone knows how obsessed you were with that Shen Meng Qi woman, so you went over to work for the Shen family and in order to please her, you stole your own family's business information! There's no other way our bid could've been leaked - so who could it have been other than yourself?"

Ye Yiyi's gaze shifted and she knitted her brows. "Also, the one who won the project was the Shen family - isn't this too much of a coincidence...?"

"So you guys got someone to pretend to be me and appear in the footage in order to frame me, right?" Ye Mu Fan said coldly.

"Also..." The corners of Ye Mu Fan's lips lifted upwards as he continued, "The master of the Shen family was merely my father's chauffeur in the past, so how could I, Ye Mu Fan, take a fancy to his daughter? Haha, don't be silly. I was just fooling around! I can have as many women as I want outside. You guys used this logic to accuse me. Isn't that a little too absurd, huh?"

"I think all of you were trying to get rid of us completely and make grandpa and grandma very disappointed in us, so you guys purposefully lost the tender competition and shifted the blame to me!"

Liang Mei Xuan hit the roof. She clicked her tongue and said, "Dad, mom, are you guys seeing this? He's still so shameless at this point! He's hopeless!"

"Grandpa, grandma, as the saying goes, 'justice naturally inhabits a man's heart' - they couldn't produce any evidence, yet they were so sure it was me. The person in the recording is someone they hired to disguise as me."

"They said I was obsessed with that girl from the Shen family - this is complete nonsense. If grandpa and grandma don't like her, I'll dump her right away. I take after my grandpa - suave and cool!" Ye Mu Fan said sternly.

Tan Yi Lan glanced suspiciously at Ye Hong Wei. "He really takes after you in that aspect."

Hearing that, Ye Hong Wei was embarrassed. *cough cough* "That was a very... very long time ago..."

Ye Mu Fan continued, "Grandpa, grandma, I'm your very own grandson. It's you and grandma who brought me up!

"Ever since I was a little boy, you and grandpa taught me that one must be honest and have an unshakable spirit. I admit that I've been somewhat playful these few years, but I've never done anything against my morals and have never forgotten what grandpa and grandma taught me!"

"It doesn't matter who suspects or scolds me! Grandpa and grandma, you guys are the people I have the most respect and love for. I couldn't take it if both of you doubted me."

"It's not that grandpa and grandma don't believe you, it's just that..." Tan Yi Lan considered how upset her grandson was and felt quite terrible.

Ye Mu Fan looked aggrieved. "Grandpa, grandma, you believed second uncle... believed second aunt... believed Ye Yiyi... believed what everyone else said... why won't you listen to my explanation?"

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