Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 631: That's me?

Chapter 631: That's me?

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"Bullsh*t, second aunt actually framed me in front of grandpa and grandma. She obviously wants me dead! She's so old, yet she doesn't have any integrity!" Ye Mu Fan yelled like he lost his mind.

What? Did he just call me old?

Liang Mei Xuan's face contorted in anger.

"Ge ge, don't spout nonsense. There must be a misunderstanding somewhere - why would second uncle and auntie do something like this?" Ye Wanwan said anxiously.

"Ye Wanwan!" Ye Mu Fan sneered. "Whose sister are you? How dare you doubt me!"

"Ge ge, it's not that I don't believe you, but I just think there must be a misunderstanding here!" Ye Wanwan hurriedly explained.

"Everyone just shut up!" Ye Hong Wei slammed the chair and berated everyone.

Seeing that the old man was fuming, Liang Mei Xuan and Ye Mu Fan finally quieted down.

"I didn't steal the tender document!" Ye Mu Fan scoffed with a stiff expression.

Ye Shao An burst out in laughter. "Haha, you didn't do it? That wasn't what you said last time; you already confessed to it."

"I confessed?" Ye Mu Fan spat. "Ye Shao An, you said I confessed to it? I say you confessed to stealing it in order to frame me!"

"You're talking sh*t!" Ye Shao An roared.

"You're talking sh*t!" Ye Mu Fan sneered.

Liang Mei Xuan mocked in a high-pitch voice: "This has truly been an eye-opener for me, huh - things have already reached this point, yet you're still trying to come up with false arguments! You hit and yelled at your elders - how are you a part of our Ye family? You're a gangster!"

Ye Mu Fan immediately retorted sarcastically, "This has truly been an eye-opener for me, huh - due to your own incompetence, you lost to the Shen family and were embarrassed. You were afraid grandpa and grandma would blame you for it, so you framed me by saying that the tender document was stolen. A person like you has the nerve to call yourself an elder?"

"Grandpa, grandma... I didn't do it. How could I possibly do something like this? They're trying to frame me and push me to my death!" Ye Mu Fan's face morphed as he whimpered.

Seeing this, Ye Hong Wei and Tan Yi Lan frowned. Judging by the way Ye Mu Fan was acting, it didn't seem fake...

"Grandpa, grandma, since they said I was the one who did it, bring out the evidence!" Ye Mu Fan scoffed.

"Evidence?" Liang Mei Xuan laughed coldly. "Sure, you want the evidence? We have the recording!"

"Come on, bring it out!" Ye Mu Fan looked extremely fierce.

Ye Shao An immediately gave a meaningful glance to the lawyer by the side.

Not long after, the lawyer pulled out a laptop and played the recording.

In the recording, there was a man, who almost had the same figure as Ye Mu Fan, sneaking into the study.

The man was in a full black outfit, he wore gloves and even had a cap on. Although they couldn't see his face, this man's build and profile looked very similar to Ye Mu Fan.

After Ye Hong Wei and Tan Yi Lan watched the recording, fury appeared on their faces and they looked directly at Ye Mu Fan.

"You... this little bastard, why don't you keep denying it, huh!" Liang Mei Xuan said.

"Hahahaha..." Ye Mu Fan pointed at the recording on the laptop and laughed uncontrollably. "You're saying this person is me?"

"Who else? There's concrete evidence here, yet you're still trying to deny it?!" Liang Mei Xuan berated him.

"Wanwan, look, is this me?" Ye Mu Fan turned to Ye Wanwan.

"En... the back and profile seem quite similar, but if there's someone who really wants to frame you, she could easily find somebody who has a similar build and appearance to pretend to be you," Ye Wanwan said.

"Dad, mom, take a look. Is this person me?" Ye Mu Fan turned to Liang Wan Jun and Ye Shao Ting.

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