Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 628: As long as you're shameless enough

Chapter 628: As long as you're shameless enough

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Xu Yi, who was already very accustomed to this thunderous shower of dog food, said with the corners of his lips twitching, "So anyway, what's your solution, Miss Wanwan?"

Miss Wanwan smiled. "Actually, the solution is pretty simple. I just have to get my brother to deny everything in front of my grandparents. The cameras only captured my brother entering the study but didn't even capture what he did after he went in, so who's to say that he took a peek at the tender document?"

"I already asked my brother - that fool still had some sense to wear gloves, so he didn't leave any fingerprints when he flipped the documents. He's the only grandson in our Ye family, after all. My grandmother, especially loved my brother a lot. Before, she chased him out of the family hoping that he would experience the real world outside and grow up. As long as my brother acts according to what I said and maybe acts more like a pitiful scoundrel, it'll definitely work!"

Si Ye Han: "..."

Xu Yi: "..."

That'll work?

Xu Yi was speechless.

*Cough cough* It was indeed... in line with the way Miss Wanwan dealt with matters...

"Hehe, Ah-Jiu, ain't I smart?" Ye Wanwan tried fishing for compliments.

Si Ye Han looked at her sly little face as she grinned till her faintly discernible little dimples appeared. He seemed to be in a trance as he wondered how she was always so cheery and full of life. "En, smart."

Xu Yi watched gratefully at the two of them interacting harmoniously.

Ye Wanwan used to always be resentful and cynical, but today, she was a completely different person.

Not only did she redeem herself, but she also saved everyone around her.


The next morning.

At the lobby of Ye Group's company.

Outside the big glass entrance, Ye Mu Fan stopped and appeared uncomfortable.

Standing next to him, Ye Wanwan asked, "What is it?"

Ye Mu Fan knitted his brows. "Wanwan... will your idea... really work?"

There's already concrete evidence against me; how could I still deny it? It's impossible!

Ye Shao An and Liang Mei Xuan aren't idiots...

Ye Wanwan glanced at him and said casually, "As long as you're shameless enough!"

Ye Mu Fan: "..."

In the meeting room:

The Ye family's elderly couple, Ye Shao An, Liang Mei Xuan, and Ye Yiyi as well as Ye Shao Ting and Liang Wan Jun were all already present.

The lawyer held the prepared indictment and stood by the side with a rigid expression.

Judging by his stance, it was obvious he would pursue this matter all the way.

Ye Shao Ting begged anxiously, "Dad, please forgive Mu Fan this once. If he's charged with this, his entire life will be ruined..."

Ye Hong Wei was already extremely disappointed. It was obvious he didn't want to speak with him further. "Shut up! Why didn't you do something earlier instead of getting worried right now?"

"Dad... dad..."

Seeing how the old man's heart had hardened, Liang Wan Jun went on her knees towards Tan Yi Lan. "Mom, mom, you love Mu Fan the most. Please let him off this time..."

Tan Yi Lan shot daggers at Liang Wan Jun and her eyes were filled with disdain.

Before, she already planned out the marriage for her eldest son, but in the end, this son of hers insisted on marrying Liang Wan Jun and she couldn't change his mind, so she went along with his wishes.

She wasn't fond of this overly-pretty daughter-in-law from the beginning. Furthermore, Liang Wan Jun wasn't able to conceive for many years after they got married.

On the other hand, Liang Mei Xuan was filial and sensible and she often spent time with her when they were living together.

After that, Mei Xuan got pregnant by accident and she wanted her eldest son to get a divorce. However, he disobeyed her once again and was so cold-hearted to abandon his own flesh and blood. In the end, her second son volunteered to marry Mei Xuan and managed to keep Yiyi.

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