Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 629: Let's see who's more shameless

Chapter 629: Let's see who's more shameless

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If Shao Ting listened to her then, gotten a divorce and married Mei Xuan, so many things wouldn't have happened. Maybe her son wouldn't only have Yiyi but a couple more sons!

Everything now confirmed what she thought before - even though Liang Wan Jun had children, they were two unworthy brats who caused trouble for the Ye family.

Tan Yi Lan was furious as these thoughts filled her mind. She pushed Liang Wan Jun's hand away harshly. "I already said that virtue is the most important quality of a wife. My biggest mistake in life was not stopping Shao Ting from marrying you. My eldest son and grandson were destroyed by your hands!"

Hearing this cutting criticism, Liang Wan Jun felt a gripping pain in her heart. "Mom..."

Tan Yi Lan was so mad that she started breathing heavily. "Get lost! Don't call me 'mom'!"

Liang Mei Xuan and Ye Yiyi stepped forward at the perfect time.

Ye Yiyi patted Tan Yi Lan's back lightly, looking very worried. "Grandma, don't be angry!"

Liang Mei Xuan concealed the happiness in her eyes as she watched how Liang Wan Jun was chided so horribly. "Mom, calm down. Take care of your health!"

When Tan Yi Lan saw Liang Mei Xuan and Ye Yiyi, her face turned slightly warmer. "From today onwards, I only have one daughter-in-law, Mei Xuan, and one granddaughter, Yiyi!"

Liang Wan Jun slumped to the floor with a tear-stained face while Ye Shao Ting dug his fingers deep into his palms and fresh blood trickled down his hands.

Liang Mei Xuan looked at Liang Wan Jun condescendingly. "Jie jie, don't say anymore! Will you only be satisfied when you drive mom to her grave? I think Mu Fan has gone too far this time. If we don't teach him a lesson, he'll cause more trouble sooner or later!"

Ye Yiyi said gently, "Uncle, auntie, don't blame grandpa and grandma for being harsh. Actually, they mean well for Mu Fan."

Ye Shao An walked to Ye Shao Ting and patted him on the shoulder. "Big brother, he made a mistake, so he should pay for it - this is the right thing to do. You can't make use of mom and dad's softheartedness and fear nothing just because you have their support!"

"In the past, you went against dad's principles and laundered the company's money and got yourself deep in debt in Las Vegas so you misappropriated public funds. Now, your son stole classified information from the company!"

"What do you think the company is? Your personal bank? This is dad's entire life's work! Ay..."

Ye Shao Ting saw that there was no way of correcting this situation anymore. He straightened his back. "Failing to educate the child is the fault of the father - I'm willing to take responsibility for Mu Fan's wrongdoings! Whether it's going to jail or paying a fine, I'll take responsibility for it!"

Hearing what Ye Shao Ting said, Ye Shao An and Liang Mei Xuan looked at each another.

If Ye Shao Ting goes to jail, that's not bad either.

With a father who was a convict and a stain, Ye Mu Fan and Ye Wanwan would never be successful in their lives.

At this moment, there were footsteps at the door.

Ye Wanwan and Ye Mu Fan pushed the door open and entered in single file.

Hearing Ye Shao An's family speaking without any sense of shame, frost flashed in Ye Wanwan's languid eyes.

Tsk, they were the ones who single-handedly framed my dad before. What money laundering and embezzling money to pay off his gambling debts? Ye Shao An was responsible for all that but he pushed the blame to my dad. Now, he still dares to bring up these things with such righteousness - he's truly set the new baseline for how low one can get.

Ye Shao An sneered when he saw that Ye Mu Fan arrived late. "My great young master, you're finally here, huh?"

Ye Mu Fan was dressed in a flashy light blue suit with one hand in his pocket. He sloppily swept his gaze across everyone in the room. "Eh, why's everyone so punctual today? What did you call the young master over for?"

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