Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 627: Overuse her brain

Chapter 627: Overuse her brain

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Ye Mu Fan had a look of despair. "How could that be... they have the video recording as evidence..."

Ye Wanwan looked at the man in front of her with frustration and passed him a tissue. "Shut your crap. I said it's possible, so it is!"

Ye Mu Fan took the tissue, stood up and looked straight into her confident eyes with a surprised look on his face.

Since when did this little sister of mine who's always lived under the protection of the family grow up to this point without me noticing at all...?

Late at night, Ye Wanwan took Ye Mu Fan back to the dormitory then nagged him a couple times about what to do tomorrow before leaving.

Back at Jin garden:

"Settled the issue already?" On the sofa, Si Ye Han looked at the girl.

Ye Wanwan picked up the glass of juice on the coffee table and drank it up in one gulp then replied, "Settled! I nearly went blind from watching a live porn! Ay, my silly brother, he was wearing such a big green hat on his head [1], yet he didn't even know..."

Si Ye Han seemed to want to say something but stopped. After a long while, he finally spoke up: "About the incident of stealing the classified information - how are you going to handle it?"

Xu Yi sighed as he witnessed this scene. Ay, just go straight to the point if you want to help Miss Wanwan. Why do you still beat around the bush?

Blame yourself for coming up with the rule that Miss Wanwan isn't allowed to go to you for help. Great, now you can't help her even if you wanted to.

However, he realized that with Miss Wanwan's abilities, she didn't really need his help at all...

It just seemed quite troublesome this time, huh?

They already had the evidence, so how was she going to get Ye Mu Fan off the hook?

Ye Wanwan blinked. "What do you think?"

Si Ye Han thought about it then replied, "Make the Ye Group bankrupt."

To Si Ye Han, destroying Ye Group would be solving the root of the problem.

Seeing that Si Ye Han wasn't joking at all, Ye Wanwan's face was as black as the underside of a pot. "That's not the solution, alright?!"

Big bro, which normal person would simply make someone's company go bust? Where did this barbarous and cruel thinking come from?

Anyway, this is her family's company, okay! I want to get it back!

Forget it, forget it, I shouldn't have asked him...

Ye Wanwan didn't tease him further. She rolled her eyes, rubbed her chin and said, "I can solve this issue without spending any money or human resources and even make the Ye family apologize to my brother - do you believe me?"

When Si Ye Han heard what she said, he furrowed his brows. Judging by that look on his face, it was obvious he didn't quite believe her.

Xu Yi wiped his sweat. Although he believed in Miss Wanwan's abilities, what she said... seemed a little too ambitious, didn't it?

Ye Wanwan blinked and said excitedly, "Hehe, I knew you wouldn't believe me. Why don't we make a bet!"

Si Ye Han looked at her sly and crafty eyes that were akin to a little fox. "Bet on what?"

Ye Wanwan said, "You don't believe that I can do it, right? If you win, you can get me to do anything you want. If you lose, you would have to promise me one thing without any conditions attached."

Si Ye Han glanced at her and replied, "There's no meaning to this bet."

Ye Wanwan was unsatisfied. "Huh? Why isn't there any meaning?"

Si Ye Han took a sip of tea. "Figure it out yourself."

Ye Wanwan racked her brain for a very long time before she finally got it...

"Uh, what you mean is that... even if we don't make a bet... you would promise me anything without any conditions attached... right?"

Si Ye Han coughed lightly without saying anything which could be considered tacit agreement.

Ye Wanwan covered her face. "I mean it, baby - when will you be more direct when you're flirting with me?"

This relationship is seriously making me overuse my brain...

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