Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 618: Guess what I found

Chapter 618: Guess what I found

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Ye Shao Ting and Liang Wan Jun immediately rushed over when they received the call.

"Dad, mom... it's so late. What's the matter?" Ye Shao Ting asked out of curiosity.

Ye Hong Wei had an outburst of rage the second he saw Ye Shao Ting. "You still have the cheek to ask me, huh? It's that great son of yours!"

"Mu Fan?" Ye Shao Ting was stunned.

Liang Wan Jun hurriedly asked, "Did Mu Fan get into trouble?"

Liang Mei Xuan was wearing an expensive and luxurious outfit; there wasn't a single wrinkle on her immaculate face and she looked loftily at Liang Wan Jun, who was formerly the beauty of Imperial City but was now an old and haggard woman. Liang Mei Xuan said leisurely, "Jie jie, I'm afraid Mu Fan didn't simply cause trouble this time - what he did is considered a crime."

"What? A crime?" Liang Wan Jun said anxiously, "Mu Fan is a little undisciplined, but he would never commit a crime!"

Liang Mei Xuan sneered. "Sis, you said before that big brother wouldn't do anything that betrayed the company, but what happened in the end, huh?"

Huang Ming Kun immediately chimed in, "There's a saying that goes like this: 'Failing to educate the child is the fault of the father.' Under the care and discipline of second young master and mistress, Miss Yiyi is elegant and sensible, but Miss Wanwan is out of control while young master Mu Fan is undisciplined. Now, he even did something that harmed the family's interests. I'm afraid eldest young master Shao Ting and mistress can't simply avoid the blame for this!"

Ye Shao Ting glanced coldly at Huang Ming Kun.

In the past, when he was still in the Ye family, he found out that Huang Ming Kun abused his power to bully and threaten the maids in the household. He also found out that there was something going on between him and Liang Mei Xuan...

But since he worked for the Ye family for so many years, Ye Shao Ting saved him some face and didn't take him to the authorities directly. Ye Shao Ting merely beat him up and sent him away.

Who knew that after he left the Ye family, Huang Ming Kun was hired back into the family?

Ye Shao Ting scoffed. "Wanwan was quite absurd in the past, but today, she's changed. During the banquet that time, dad saw it for himself too. As for Mu Fan, you said he harmed the family's interests. What proof do you have?"

Ye Shao An turned to Ye Shao Ting and smiled icily. Truly, one doesn't shed a tear till one sees the coffin. [1]

Ye Shao An put on a false smile and said, "Big brother, you're impressive, but I wonder if you would still be so righteous and proud when you find out the truth!"

"Ye Group was very confident we would get the Splendid Light project, but in the end, this project was actually snatched away by the Shen family with a mere $100,000 price difference. It was very clear that our bidding price was leaked."

"The tender document only went through the hands of me and Yiyi, and it's always been in the study of the old residence. So let me ask you - how exactly did our bidding price get leaked?"

"I got Yiyi to check all the surveillance recordings at home and finally... big brother, can you guess what I found?"

Ye Shao An glanced at Huang Ming Kun.

Huang Ming Kun got the hint right away. He brought out a laptop and played a recording in front of everybody. "Eldest young master, please take a look at this yourself!"

In the recording, Ye Mu Fan climbed over the wall and entered the yard sneakily then entered the study and came out after a long while.

After seeing the recording, Ye Shao Ting and Liang Wan Jun looked at one another in complete disbelief. They just couldn't believe their own son would do something like this...

[1]: In other words, he refuses to be convinced until he is faced with the grim reality.

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