Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 617: Must be more brutal

Chapter 617: Must be more brutal

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"Mu Fan-ge, do I look good?"

"Yes!" Ye Mu Fan looked at her beautiful little face and restrained himself from kissing her on her forehead. "Go on!"

"En en. Bye bye, Mu Fan-ge. I really like the necklace; I'll definitely take care of it properly!" Shen Meng Qi concealed the annoyance in her eyes and couldn't wait to leave.


Grand View Park:

On the sofa in the living room, Ye Wanwan opened her eyes slowly and looked at the clock hanging on the wall.

At this time, the announcement of the competitive tender should've ended and the Shen family should've clinched that project. The Ye family weren't a bunch of fools, so they were probably looking for the mole right now.

Ye Wanwan pinched her brows and leaned over to pick up a copy of the access card to the hotel VIP room, looking pensive.

Doing this... would this be a little too... brutal on brother?

However, this hesitation quickly dissipated from her rationality.

As the saying went, "Not even a prairie fire can destroy the grass. It grows again when the spring breeze blows." This time, she had to be more brutal and cut off all his hope. Otherwise, all would be for naught.

It was just that she had to make her parents suffer a little...


Ye family old residence:

Ye Mu Fan was overconfident and thought he was careful in avoiding all the cameras, but he had forgotten the fact that he hadn't been to the old residence in a long while. Many of the camera positions had shifted.

Very soon, Ye Yiyi found the recording of Ye Mu Fan sneaking into the study the night before the competitive tender.

How could Ye Shao An possibly let such a great opportunity go? He immediately reported the incident to the elderly couple of the Ye family.

At this moment, in the study at the old residence:

Ye Shao Ting, Liang Mei Xuan, Ye Yiyi and housekeeper, Huang Ming Kun, were present.

The elderly couple of the Ye family sat on the sofa with extremely gloomy expressions.

Ye Shao An's face was filled with regret. "At first, I thought Mu Fan was just a little undisciplined, but who knew that he would actually toy with women and do something so out of hand?!"

Liang Mei Xuan sighed. "This isn't only a matter of stealing - Mu Fan stole classified information from the Ye family to assist an outsider. This is too much. Ay, how could Shao Ting and big sister indulge their children and let them act so recklessly..."

Liang Mei Xuan acted like she was heartbroken, but she was gloating in her heart.

She originally thought Ye Shao Ting and Liang Wan Jun's son was merely incompetent and ignorant. She hadn't expected that with just a few words of coaxing from a girl, he'd do something so brainless. Truly, even God was helping her!

They could finally remove this eyesore from the family!

Old master Ye slammed the table hard. "Absolutely disgraceful! Is that brat trying to anger me to death! Anger me to death!"

Ye Yiyi patted his back hastily to soothe his anger. "Grandpa, don't be mad. You must take care of your health. Mu Fan was probably confused."

Housekeeper Huang Ming Kun added fuel to the fire by mumbling, "Miss Yiyi, young master Mu Fan did something like this that harmed the family's interests. It's simply heart wrenching. We can't just let him off with the excuse of being confused. If we don't severely punish him today, who knows what he's capable of doing in the future...?"

"Housekeeper Huang is right!" The old master bellowed, "Housekeeper Huang, go on! Get that Shao Ting and his brat over right now! I want to clarify this with them in person!"

"Yes, master." Huang Ming Kun retreated happily.

This time, I'm afraid Ye Shao Ting will never be able to return to the Ye family ever again...

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