Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 619: Gave you too many chances

Chapter 619: Gave you too many chances

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Liang Mei Xuan sighed. "I didn't believe Mu Fan would do something like this at first, but the evidence is right there. He was the one who stole the classified information. Now, jie jie, do you have anything to say?"

Liang Wan Jun's expression changed. "This... this is impossible! How could Mu Fan do such a thing?!"

However, the surveillance camera in the hallway captured it very clearly. The one who pushed open the door to the study was Ye Mu Fan.

Ye Shao Ting's face turned pale. "Mu Fan... how could it be...?"

Ye Hong Wei was so mad that he threw the teacup in his hands towards Ye Shao Ting's forehead. "Disgrace! I initially wanted to let Ye Mu Fan return to the company, but now it seems like there's no need for that anymore. There's no way he's going to mend his ways! Even if our Ye family dies without a descendant, we'll never let someone like him take over! At most, we'll just adopt a child from Yiyi and Yue Ze!"

Hearing that, Liang Mei Xuan was overjoyed and Ye Yiyi's eyes lit up as well.

As long as Ye Mu Fan was doomed, she would be the only successor in the family and in the future, the Ye family would belong to her and Yue Ze.

The old madam, Tan Yi Lan, who hadn't spoken a word form the beginning, let out a long sigh. "Our family is unlucky! Unlucky..."

The Ye family had two granddaughters and one grandson. Ye Yiyi and Ye Wanwan both weren't very similar to the Ye family elders; only Ye Mu Fan, this grandson of hers, was most like her and Hong Wei. He even inherited her talent in fashion.

Thus, she favored this grandson, Ye Mu Fan, and only chased him out so he could learn through experience and mature a little. But now, he had thoroughly let her down.

A successor decides the rise and fall of a family, and if the Ye family lands in the hands of someone like him, our days will be numbered.

Thankfully, there's still Yue Ze and Yiyi...

Ye Shao An knew the severity of this and he begged anxiously, "Dad, please forgive Mu Fan this time. He... he was confused... please give him a chance to change..."

"Confused? He betrayed the family for a woman just because he was confused; he stole the company's classified information this time, so wouldn't he be capable of selling the entire company next time?" Liang Mei Xuan glanced at Ye Shao Ting meaningfully.

Ye Hong Wei recalled how his eldest son embezzled the company's funds and this thought infuriated him further. "Shao Ting, I've given you too many chances, but you've truly let me down. I won't let this go this time - I will hand this over to my lawyer and let him deal with it accordingly!"

What the old master meant was that he would be sending Mu Fan to jail...

Liang Wan Jun and Ye Shao Ting's faces changed instantly.

If Mu Fan really went to jail for this incident, his life would be over.

At the same time, at Assembly of Stars Entertainment:

There were all sorts of sketches and information sprawled all over Ye Mu Fan's desk.

He was working overtime to design the artists' outfits for a new show that Assembly of Stars was going to shoot.

The appealing part of this contemporary drama was the various types of clothing from the olden times. They really hoped to win the Best Makeup Artist and Best Costume Design awards at the next International Film Festival.

While he was working, his phone was always in silent mode.

When he finally decided to take a break, he picked up his phone and took a glance.

In the end, he realized he had over ten missed calls and messages.

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