Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 610: A piece of cake

Chapter 610: A piece of cake

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Assembly of Stars Entertainment:

A silver Ferrari whizzed over and stopped at the entrance.

A man dressed in exquisite brands from head-to-toe with an expensive pair of sunglasses adjusted his lapel as he stepped out of the car.

The moment he stepped into the company, there were quite a number of artists and staff members who stepped forward to respectfully greet him.

"Good morning, head stylist He!"

"Head stylist He, you said you'd be styling me before. When are you free? Everyone's waiting for you!"

"Head stylist He promised me first, alright?"

There was no need to mention the importance of the stylist team behind a star. Many megastars had capable teams of top-notch stylists behind-the-scenes, allowing them to have redoubled power.

He Jun Cheng was now the hottest stylist in the entertainment industry. He won the last SN Fashion Grand Ceremony annual stylist award and was known as the "Godly Stylist" while Shen Meng Qi was also praised as the "Fashion Guru." As long as she wore his outfits, she would instantly become a hit. She gained the favor of many fashion brands, receiving various endorsements the moment she debuted.

He Jun Cheng jingled the keys of the Ferrari and basked in the compliments then directly made his way to the top floor in his personal elevator.

In the dance studio on the top floor of the company:

He Jun Cheng quietly approached the woman who was practicing and suddenly hugged her from behind. "Darling..."

Shen Meng Qi was stunned at first then she smiled sweetly and pretended to be annoyed. "We're at the office, be careful."

He Jun Cheng's hands fumbled around the woman's body impatiently. "So we don't have to be careful when we're not at the office, huh? It's been really long since we..."

Shen Meng Qi panted slightly. "Stop messing around. Wait for this weekend."

He Jun Cheng's eyes lit up immediately. "Sure, I'll wait for you at the same old place."

He Jun Cheng sat down on the sofa and lit a cigarette. He then said with a darkened expression, "Oh right, the progress of the Splendid Light project isn't looking very good."

"What's wrong?' Shen Meng Qi asked quickly.

"I heard the Ye family is participating in the competitive tender as well..." He Jun Cheng said.


Shen Meng Qi's face turned ugly at the mention of the Ye family.

Her father had once been the servant of the Ye family and this had always been a disgrace to her.

It was good that people were animals who only looked at interests - seeing that Assembly of Stars Entertainment had been doing better and better these past two years, people's attitudes had started to shift.

Shen Meng Qi gritted her teeth and a bright light flashed in her eyes. "So what? As long as we know the Ye family's bid, the Splendid Light project will be a piece of cake!"

He Jun Cheng asked, "How could we find out such classified information? Have you planted someone at the Ye Group?"

Shen Meng Qi said softly, "You already said it's classified - even if I secretly planted someone in there, there's still no way of getting such a confidential document. But have you forgotten someone from the Ye family who's currently working in our company?"

"You're referring to... Ye Mu Fan? That useless gigolo who only knows how to eat, drink and be merry? Aside from knowing a few styles, what can he do?" He Jun Cheng was upset.

"Although Ye Mu Fan's entire family was chased out, he was once the young master of the Ye family after all. It's not entirely impossible for him to secretly get in there and help us get some information, right?"

He Jun Cheng didn't look too convinced and mumbled, "Would Ye Mu Fan take this risk? Stealing classified information from businesses is illegal..."

Shen Meng Qi stroked her delicately manicured nails with an arrogant look. "So what? As long as I'm the one requesting it, he'll do it for sure!"

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