Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 609: Is there something wrong in your head?

Chapter 609: Is there something wrong in your head?

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Ye Wanwan curled her lips and mocked him. "You can be a slave for daddy's driver, so why can't I work for a subsidiary of Worldwide?"

"YE WANWAN!" Anything related to Shen Meng Qi would provoke Ye Mu Fan instantly. "Don't make it sound so horrible. Uncle Shen is no longer dad's driver and even if he was, it's nothing to be ashamed of!"

"Meng Qi has always been so nice towards you and put in good words for you; she's always thought about you and stood behind your back. She even repeated a year in school just to accompany you but what did she get in return? You insulting her and her parents as well?"

Hearing how Ye Mu Fan was so faithful towards Shen Meng Qi and treated the Shen family as his own, attacking her to protect the Shen family, Ye Wanwan nearly laughed in frustration.

In her previous life, not only did Shen Meng Qi bully her till there was no good skin left on her body, but she directly ruined Ye Mu Fan's life and in the end, her parents and family were all dragged into the mess...

She remembered very clearly that in order to let the Shen family get a piece of land for investment, she urged and sent Ye Mu Fan to the Ye family to steal the tender document.

And Ye Mu Fan actually went.

Alas, the Shen family got the piece of land, but Ye Shao An and Ye Yiyi found out what Ye Mu Fan did.

Although her father allegedly did something wrong, he was still the eldest son in the family. Ye Mu Fan was also the eldest grandson, so her grandparents were soft-hearted and let them both come back home. This was why her second uncle and Ye Yiyi always viewed her family as a thorn in their sides.

Ye Shao An always wanted to destroy her father and was anxiously trying to find a way to do so. In the end, Ye Mu Fan simply handed it to him.

The final outcome was that her grandparents were enraged. They completely cut ties with her parents and even wanted Ye Mu Fan to take on legal responsibilities. Her father then went to jail in order to protect her brother which wore his body down thoroughly, and it was also at that time...

In this life, according to Ye Wanwan's estimations, that incident should be happening quite soon.

The competitive tendering of that land should be starting soon...

Judging by Ye Mu Fan's actions now, he would definitely do whatever Shen Meng Qi asked him to do...

Ye Wanwan couldn't keep it in any longer. She looked straight at him and yelled, "YE MU FAN! Could you please wake up? You're a small assistant stylist at Assembly of Stars Entertainment, you're hiding behind He Jun Cheng like a dog, helping them package their artists, but in the end, all the honor and credit goes to him. Is there something wrong in your head? What exactly are you thinking?"

Ye Mu Fan's expression didn't change at all. "What do you know? Shen Meng Qi's doing this for my sake! Ye Wanwan, let me tell you, Shen Meng Qi is the most important woman in my life and if you continue treating her with this attitude, there's nothing left to say between us!"

Ye Mu Fan left in a rage after he said that.

"You..." Watching Ye Mu Fan's retreating figure, Ye Wanwan wanted to stop him, tell him not to believe Shen Meng Qi and not to be foolish.

However, nothing came out of her mouth.

Because even if she said all this now, Ye Mu Fan wouldn't believe her and it would only worsen their relationship.

Even if he believed her, she could stop him once, but she might not be able to do so twice.

This time, she had to wake Ye Mu Fan up and give him a thorough lesson!

As for her parents... she could only let them suffer a little for the time being...

Otherwise, if she didn't settle this issue with her brother completely, her parents would experience even more heartbreak in the future...

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