Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 608: Have a boyfriend?

Chapter 608: Have a boyfriend?

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Ye Mu Fan also loved picking out her outfits, buying clothes for her and even designing a beautiful customized dress and gown for her.

After Ye Wanwan went through that terrifying attack, she gained weight the past two years and nearly all her clothes were specially picked out for her by Ye Mu Fan according to her figure and size. Even after she gained all that weight, she still looked good and never felt inferior due to her weight...

"Ge... [1]"

Hearing Ye Wanwan's voice, Ye Mu Fan's back stiffened then he slowly turned around and looked at her.

All he saw was a girl with a ponytail dressed in a light blue dress. She stood there elegantly like a lotus flower breaking the surface, dazzling his eyes.

This was the first time they met since her grandfather's birthday banquet.

He always knew his own sister was beautiful. Even after she gained weight, it couldn't conceal her charming looks, but he never knew that she was this pretty.

He was stunned when he saw her at the banquet that day, but this girl in front of him right now was even more lively and vivacious than before.

Just like a flower that was full of dew and sunshine.

Compared to her horrendous and weird style of dress in the past not to mention the fact that she used to chase after Gu Yue Ze, it was like those were two completely different people.

At first, he didn't believe she could change, but after such a long time, he had to believe that she really was different now.

Ye Wanwan didn't know what to say all of a sudden and spoke up only after some time. "You were looking for me?"

Ye Mu Fan was also silent for a long while before replying: "I heard from mom and dad that you're seeing someone now?"

"That's right. I already said so that day at the banquet when I called off the engagement with Gu Yue Ze. I'm in love with someone else."

Ye Mu Fan probably heard something from Liang Wan Jun and Ye Shao Ting as there was slight displeasure on his face. "When will you stop going for guys just because of their looks? He works at the Si Corporation and his last name is Si - he probably doesn't have a simple background. Also, you looked so horrible before, so why would he have a thing for you? Why would he be faithful and never leave you? You believe whatever he says, huh? He said he works at the Si Corporation but does he actually?"

Ye Wanwan was calm. "I know what I'm doing."

Ye Mu Fan scoffed. "What do you know? Aren't you sick of always being lied to?"

Ye Wanwan was forced to suppress her anger and she looked at Ye Mu Fan coldly. "Tsk, at least I'm better than you - I got back on the right path, but you? You're still being manipulated and controlled by Shen Meng Qi! Why would Shen Meng Qi have a thing for you and never leave you? You believe whatever she says, huh?"

"You..." Ye Mu Fan was at a loss for words and yelled back, "Don't compare any random person to Shen Meng Qi! I'm not here to fight with you; I have something important to tell you. Let me ask you - are you working at Dazzling Media?"

"What, is there a problem?"

"Resign immediately," Ye Mu Fan said.


Ye Mu Fan was very agitated. "Reason - must there be a reason? Don't you know that Dazzling Media is the rival of Assembly of Stars Entertainment? They're trying to bring down Assembly of Stars Entertainment everywhere and oppose them! Yet you're still working at Dazzling - what's the meaning of this?"

Tsk, how could I not have known?

Ever since she became the director of talent recruitment, she was the one who was secretly beating down Assembly of Stars Entertainment and snatching their resources.

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