Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 611: Hasn't touched my hand before

Chapter 611: Hasn't touched my hand before

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Hen Jun Cheng hugged Shen Meng Qi's waist. "Ha, you little vixen. You made that fool head-over-heels in love with you; obviously he'll do whatever you tell him to!"

Hearing that, the corners of Shen Meng Qi's lip lifted upwards and she looked very pleased. That Ye Mu Fan was definitely faithful to her.

She believed that even if she told him to kill himself, Ye Mu Fan would do it without hesitation.

Hehe, I wonder how that b*tch Ye Wanwan feels when she sees me messing around with her own brother.

"Haha, that Ye Mu Fan should take a good look at himself through the reflection of his piss. He really thinks you're deeply in love with him, huh?" He Jun Cheng scoffed.

Before Shen Meng Qi could reply, He Jun Cheng stretched his hand out towards her chest and Shen Meng Qi immediately let out a tender moan and blushed.

"That Ye Mu Fan is so infatuated with you, you wouldn't... let him have a taste of this sweetness, would you?" He Jun Cheng asked as if he was insinuating something.

"Non... nonsense..." Shen Meng Qi got mad. "Why would I... I be attracted to... that loser, he hasn't even... touched my hands before..."

"Really?" While he spoke, He Jun Cheng's right palm dove roughly into Shen Meng Qi's top through her collar.

"Of course! Facing that face of his every single day... I'm so close to puking... I did it all for you... his fashion attainments and talents... truly aren't bad, but right now, they're all yours..." Shen Meng Qi spoke as her body involuntarily leaned against He Jun Cheng's embrace.

He Jun Cheng was still upset. "Ye Mu Fan is just garbage; it's a lifetime of blessings he accumulated to be able to work for me. In return, I'll wait upon his beloved woman and make her comfortable..."

"Naughty..." Shen Meng Qi wrapped her arms around He Jun Cheng's neck.


Late at night.

Ye Mu Fan was finally done with his work and was getting ready to go downstairs, but as he walked past the office block, he noticed that Shen Meng Qi's light was still on.

Ye Mu Fan walked over and knocked. "Meng Qi, it's so late already. Why aren't you going home yet?"

Shen Meng Qi looked lethargic. "I'm not done settling some things..."

"This?" Ye Mu Fan looked at the stack of documents on Shen Meng Qi's desk. "The Splendid Light project?"

"That's right. You know this is an investment project and it's very important to our Shen family. If we don't get it this time, we might never get such a great opportunity again."

"I've analyzed the companies participating in the competitive tender and made a comparison - the Shen family shouldn't have any problems clinching this project," Ye Mu Fan said.

Shen Meng Qi's face crumpled slightly. "Hua Yu, Xing Da, Fang Shi - these companies definitely can't compare to us, but right now, our biggest rival is the Ye Group..."

Ye Mu Fan was taken aback. "What? The Ye Group is participating too?"

"That's right. I just received this piece of information. Right now, what we have to offer is quite similar - we're only left with the price. If we could find out the other party's bid..."

Shen Meng Qi shook her head and sighed. "But how could we ever find out the other party's bid? The Shen family has put in so much effort for this project, but I'm afraid we won't be able to beat the Ye family..."

Ye Mu Fan looked at Shen Meng Qi's heavy eye bags and his heart started aching. "Don't worry about it, I'll help you find out."

"Mu Fan-ge, thank you so much. I'm fine. Although I can't do much, I really want to do anything I can to help daddy..." Shen Meng Qi said. She was about to walk to the bookshelf to take out some documents.

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