Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 600: Went over obediently

Chapter 600: Went over obediently

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In the bar.

Gong Xu's charming face turned ugly when he saw how Ye Wanwan was harassed the entire night.

"Step aside, step aside. Ye-ge is mine exclusively, so even if she knew how to read fortunes, she can only read mine!" Gong Xu was upset and he pulled Ye Wanwan over to sit next to him.

Ye Wanwan was finally able to get some peace, all thanks to Gong Xu.

After she sat down, Ye Wanwan turned to Han Xian Yu and asked helplessly, "What exactly did Xin-jie say about me?"

Han Xian Yu replied helplessly as well: "Lately, she's been telling everyone she meets that a formidable expert predicted she would get the Golden Orchid award this year for sure..."

Ye Wanwan sighed like she was having a migraine.

As she spoke to Han Xian Yu, excited chatter came from the other side.

All she saw was a male artist dressed very fashionably who dazzled everybody as he walked in; many artists stepped forward to ask about his outfit.

Ye Wanwan stared at that avant-garde male artist and muttered, "That artist in the middle is..."

Han Xian Yu glanced at her. "What's up? Interested? He's a newbie at Assembly of Stars Entertainment and already has a manager."

"Assembly of Stars Entertainment?"

Hearing those four words, Ye Wanwan's face darkened.

Assembly of Stars was the company operated by Shen Meng Qi's family.

Han Xian Yu explained, "En. Ever since the stylist, He Jun Cheng, joined Assembly of Stars Entertainment, their newbies started looking pretty stylish and are widely known for their fashion-forward style of dress. Most importantly, each of the newbies has their own style. It can be said that Assembly of Stars Entertainment can successfully push out so many newbies in such a short time mostly because of Hu Jun Cheng..."

Listening to what Han Xian Yu said, Ye Wanwan's heart was filled with ridicule and iciness.

Because of He Jun Cheng?

Ever since her brother, Ye Mu Fan, was tricked by Shen Meng Qi to go over to Assembly of Stars Entertainment, all the newbies were actually styled by him.

It was just that under Shen Meng Qi's flowery persuasion, all the credit and status went to Assembly of Stars Entertainment's head stylist, He Jun Cheng.

Shen Meng Qi's reasoning was that Ye Mu Fan's family was now pretty much being shut out by Ye Group after all.

Shen Meng Qi told her brother that if he was too high-profile, Ye Group would find trouble for the Shen family, so she made her brother hide behind-the-scenes while Hu Jun Cheng claimed all the credit for Ye Mu Fan's efforts.

People in love really had a negative IQ score...

She really had to hand it to her brother for believing Shen Meng Qi without any complaints or regrets.

He slaved so hard for Assembly of Stars Entertainment and had all the troublesome things pushed onto him. Once his value was squeezed dry, Shen Meng Qi simply kicked him away...

When Han Xian Yu saw Ye Wanwan's change of expression, he immediately placed his glass down and asked, "What's wrong? You don't look too good."

Ye Wanwan shook her head. "Nothing."

Got angered by a fool.

Han Xian Yu looked at her, worried. He reached out and touched her forehead. "Are you sure?"

Ye Wanwan smiled and reassured him, "Really, I'm fine, don't worry."

Gong Xu, who was sitting next to Ye Wanwan, dragged her back with so much effort, but in the end, she kept talking to Han Xian Yu which caused Gong Xu to be quite upset.

As she spoke, she noticed that Luo Chen was sitting in the corner all alone the whole time and didn't even mingle with anyone. She let out a sigh and called out to him, "Luo Chen, come over and take a seat here!"

Luo Chen's eyes lit up the moment Ye Wanwan called him and he obediently went over.  

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