Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 599: The little devil was born

Chapter 599: The little devil was born

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The bewitching devotee immediately said firmly, "Captain, don't worry. I'll definitely find your sister. With just this birthmark... I would climb a mountain of swords or plunge into a sea of flames; I'll find her regardless of the sacrifices I have to make!"

"Also..." Nameless Nie took out an old photo and showed it to them.

In the photo, there was a refined-looking girl. However, her eyes were ice-cold which gave them the goosebumps.

"This is my younger sister when she was seventeen. My sister doesn't have many photos, so I got Emperor Ji to give me this photo just three days ago," Nameless Nie said.

"Hold on..." The bewitching devotee scanned the photo and was puzzled. "I think I've seen this person somewhere..."

That news pricked Nameless Nie's ears and his chopsticks stopped in midair.

"This..." The bewitching devotee knitted his brows and looked at Nameless Nie. "That time at the food stalls... that Famous Ye..."

"You're saying Famous Ye is my younger sister?" Nameless Nie shook his head and said, "They look a little alike and I did suspect it at first, but she didn't recognize me at all and her temperament was way too different."

"I see..."

The bewitching devotee let out a sigh and returned the photo to Nameless Nie. "Captain, the Nie Clan and Emperor Ji have sent people to look for her for so long; we really might not be able to find her. Maybe Worriless and the wild man are inseparable and she doesn't want you to find her, so you might not be able to find her at all."

"I don't think that's possible." Nameless Nie shook his head. "Even though the wild man didn't know about his child, my sister knew about it, so how could they be so inseparable that she didn't even want her own child anymore?"

They were speaking when Nameless Nie's phone suddenly rang and the caller ID indicated that it was from a European territory.

He just accepted the call when a tender but emotionless voice came through.

"Uncle, have you found her?"

"Regretfully, not yet," Nameless Nie said.

"I guess I too am very regretful. I'll tell grandpa and grandma that you have a problem with your sexual orientation." A slightly childish yet cold voice traveled through the receiver.

"Sh*t! Who has a problem with his sexual orientation, huh?! Nameless Nie raged.

"I have video evidence of Spray of Flowers calling you hubby and pouncing into your arms."

"As long as the person looks handsome, he'll call anyone hubby and pounce onto him, okay?!" Nameless Nie felt like he was losing his mind.

"Too bad, grandpa and grandma might not listen to your explanation."

"You damn child!" Nameless Nie was on the verge of breaking down. Is this kid really just five years old?

"Three months. If you still can't find her, I will only be very regretful."

"Hey! Hello?"

Without waiting for Nameless Nie's response, the line was cut off.

"Captain, what's up?" the foreigner friend asked out of curiosity.

At that moment, Nameless Nie gritted his teeth and bellowed at them, "All of you, go make some money for me. It's almost the end of the month; whoever has the worst performance shall be banished to Africa to carry out a mission!"

"Why Africa again..." The bewitching devotee put on a sad face. I just returned from Africa last month... Captain, then we shall go off to earn some money now..."

Spray of Flowers and the others looked as if they wanted to run.

"Hold it." Nameless Nie stood up and said in a serious manner, "What's our slogan?!"

"Nothing's nicer than dumplings, nothing's more fun than sister-in-law; captain eats dumplings, we play with sister-in-law!"

The four of them chanted at the same time like they had done it a million times before.

"Continue," Nameless Nie dictated.

"Captain of the God of Death, talented and suave, cool cool cool cool, strong strong strong strong!"

"Get lost!" Nameless Nie waved them away.

Following Nameless Nie's orders, the four of them dispersed like birds and vanished without a trace.

Nameless Nie continued eating the dumplings and sighed. "Dumb girl... where are you exactly... do you still care about that son of yours..."

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