Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 598: Had a baby with a wild man

Chapter 598: Had a baby with a wild man

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Spray of Flowers had a sad face when he heard that. "Captain, you're too unfair... Feng Xuan Yi is now in country Z's Si family and became a Dark Team bodyguard or something, always sitting around waiting to die, leading such a comfortable life and he doesn't even bother looking for Worriless. If you need to kill someone, you should kill him first..."

"That's right, kill that bloody stutterer first!" the foreigner echoed.

"Stop talking nonsense." Nameless Nie sneered. "Feng Xuan Yi earns the most every month. Otherwise, all of you would've starved to death."

"He gets paid well... why don't I apply to be a Dark Team bodyguard as well... I promise to perform better than that stutterer," the bewitching devotee suggested after some thought.

Nameless Nie gave the bewitching devotee side-eye. "If you have that energy, go find Worriless."

"Captain, don't be so worried. Worriless is strong - what kind of danger could she be in?" The bewitching devotee smiled.

Even though they had never seen Worriless Nie, she had quite a reputation.

"After all... she's been missing for four years..." Nameless Nie frowned.

"Then... it seems like there are only three possibilities," the bewitching devotee said in a serious manner. "The first possibility is that Worriless lost her memory due to an accident, so in these five years, she hasn't contacted her family at all. The second possibility is that Worriless Nie eloped with a wild man and the third possibility is that after Worriless lost her memory, she eloped with a wild man," the bewitching devotee said.

Nameless Nie: "..."

Nameless Nie pinched his brows. His younger sister, Worriless Nie, was with a wild man before.

He received news that five years ago, Worriless Nie had a romantic relationship with a wild man from country Z.

Seeing Nameless Nie's expression, Spray of Flowers was slightly stunned. "Worriless really had a wild man, huh? But didn't you mention that she had a fiance in Europe?"

"Her fiance was the underground emperor of Europe called Ji Xiu Ran; they call him Emperor Ji," the bewitching devotee said after thinking for a moment.

Soon, the dumplings, alcohol, and dishes arrived. After the beautiful iceberg man inspected the food for poison, they dug in.

Nameless Nie ate a dumpling and said, "My younger sister's just like me - we both think that worldly customs are bullsh*t. That fiance of hers was arranged by the family - how could he prevent her from messing around outside? She went away with that wild man from country Z and even had a baby..."

Spray of Flowers was dumbfounded. She had a fiance... yet she still gave birth to a child with a wild man; she's truly wilder than me...

"Who's the wild man?" the brick-mover foreigner friend asked.

"Not sure. I've never met him but judging by how my nephew looks, he should be quite good looking. Since he doesn't know about Worriless' identity and that my sister gave birth to his child, he doesn't even have a clue he's already a father. If I find that wild man, I'll kill him!" Nameless Nie said.

"Captain, don't be like that. It's great that Worriless is with that wild man - this way, there'll be nobody to fight with me for Emperor Ji. No matter how good looking that wild man is, I bet he's not better than Emperor Ji..." Spray of Flowers became starry-eyed.

"Bloody pervert." The bewitching devotee spat then turned to Nameless Nie. "Captain, what distinctive features does your sister have?"

"I left my family in my teens so I only met my sister a couple times. I only remember how she looked like when she was seventeen - pretty," Nameless Nie said.

"Tsk, could she be as pretty as me?!" Spray of Flowers was displeased.

However, Spray of Flowers was completely ignored.

"Oh right, I remember that my sister had a crescent-shaped birthmark on her chest," Nameless Nie added.

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