Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 601: Sit upright

Chapter 601: Sit upright

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However, Gong Xu wouldn't give up his seat for sure. He glared at Luo Chen unhappily and moved even closer towards Ye Wanwan.

Nevermind Han Xian Yu, but why is another person joining them? Annoying.

Ye Wanwan saw that Gong Xu wasn't giving up his seat and was thinking about where Luo Chen could sit when Han Xian Yu stood up and moved aside for Luo Chen, allowing him to sit next to Ye Wanwan. "You can sit here."

"Thank you, Yu-ge." Luo Chen thanked him then sat down next to Ye Wanwan.

Gong Xu immediately felt even moodier.

During such parties in the past, he would be the wildest and happiest but for some reason, he was feeling angry the whole time tonight.

Gong Xu's resentment transformed into a little ghost and floated out of his head: "Ye-ge, you don't even pay attention to me or play with me!"

Ye Wanwan sighed. "How do you want me to pay attention to you?"

She had been listening to his chatter the entire night.

Gong Xu was about to speak when Tang Xing Huo looked at him suspiciously. "Gong Xu, what's wrong with you? You're a grown man, yet you keep pestering Ye Bai!"

It was as if Gong Xu didn't mind Tang Xing Huo's ridicule; he glued himself onto Ye Wanwan's shoulder. "I just like Ye-ge. I like to talk to him - so what?"

Ye Bai was different from those boot-licking managers he used to have. His nonchalant mannerisms were simply too cool and he really liked the way Ye Bai disciplined him sternly.

Actually, even if it wasn't for Little Candied Plum, he quite liked Ye Bai as a person.

Gong Xu was deep in thought when that crisp scent wafted into his nostrils once again...

Why does Ye-ge... smell so good... and feel so soft...

Gong Xu wanted to get closer to Ye Wanwan subconsciously but was pushed away by her. "Sit upright."

This fella just stuck himself to me for no reason. He's really a big headache.

"Oh..." Gong Xu looked like he just got his heart broken.

Tang Xing Huo saw how Gong Xu was acting like an obedient baby and it simply stung his eyes. He couldn't bear to witness this, so he looked away.

Why do I find that Gong Xu's attitude towards Ye Bai is a little weird?

After Ye Wanwan stuck around for a while longer, she bid farewell and left.

"Why are you going home so early?" Gong Xu whined unhappily.

Ye Wanwan used the ten-thousand-year-old excuse: "My girlfriend doesn't want to go to bed alone."

Girlfriend again...

Gong Xu didn't have a choice and could only watch as Ye Wanwan stood up and Luo Chen naturally went along with her.

As Han Xian Yu had a work assignment and had to be up early, he left with them.

After Ye Wanwan left, Gong Xu, who always partied till the sun was out, suddenly slumped down onto the sofa like a deflated balloon and wasn't interested in anybody who tried to chat with him.

He initially had so many opportunities to fish out more information about Little Candied Plum, but in the end, he was just focused on chasing away the flies around Ye Bai. What a grave mistake...

Blame all those flies for obstructing me! That's right, this must be the reason!

Tang Xing Huo was curious the whole time and when he saw that Ye Bai left, he quickly went over to fish out some juicy gossip. "Gong Xu, what exactly is going on with you, huh?"

Gong Xu was feeling irritable and he glared at him. "Don't talk to me, you're so damn irritating! Why do you have so much to say?"

Tang Xing Huo: "Huh...?" I just said one sentence, alright?

Seeing that Gong Xu was acting like it was that time of month[1], Tang Xing Huo was speechless.


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