Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 595: The whereabouts of big missy

Chapter 595: The whereabouts of big missy

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Ye Wanwan walked over to Luo Chen and chatted with him about the filming process of "Terrifying Dragon 2" so far and also gave him the magazine cover photo shoot assignment she recently accepted for him.

In the end, she had just spoken a few words with him when a couple young girls came over excitedly.

Ye Wanwan wondered when she became so famous when she heard a doll-faced girl say, "So you're Ye Bai? Could you please read my fortune for me?"

"What?" Ye Wanwan was stunned for a moment.

"Xin-jie said you're very good at reading people's fortunes and you're extremely accurate!" the girls exclaimed excitedly.

"Uh..." Ye Wanwan was somewhat speechless all of a sudden.

She didn't expect that Qiao Ke Xin would actually spread her title of "Mr. Fortune Teller" around.

"Well... Xin-jie was joking. How could I possibly know how to read people's fortunes?" Ye Wanwan said helplessly.

She hadn't paid any attention to any of these girls here, so how would she know their future?

"Ye-ge, are you unwilling to read our fortunes because you don't think we're good? Xin-jie said you're amazing and you even managed to predict that she would win the Golden Orchid award!"

"Exactly, exactly! We can afford your fees!"

These girls didn't believe her at all.

Being harassed by these girls, Ye Wanwan was left with no choice and finally, she said, "I'm a materialist and don't believe in these things at all - how could things like Daoist divination still exist in this day and age?"

A youth dressed as a Daoist devotee suddenly appeared in her head...

Speaking of a Daoist devotee, she really had seen a living one in the group of five she ran into at the food stall that day.

One of them sold animal bones at a stall, another one liked putting on an icy-cold face, one was very muscular, one was a feminine and bewitching man and there was one, who was the most exotic, dressed as a Daoist devotee.

That time, those people didn't have enough money to pay for their meal, so she paid for them since she benefited from Nameless Nie. In the end, that devotee read her fortune for free and told her very firmly that she had luck with romance.

Finally, Ye Wanwan racked her brains and finally managed to convince the girls that she didn't really know how to read fortunes.

At the same time.

Late at night.

In a certain martial arts aristocratic family, a bewitching man sat on the head seat with a faint smile on his mouth.

On both sides of the head seat were a couple pale-looking elders standing there.

"Branch of Nie Clan... tsk tsk..." After a long while, the bewitching man chuckled.

This martial arts aristocratic family was the European headquarters the Nie Clan built in Z country. They were very powerful in Z country and were also renowned, but today, they met an unexpected guest.

The head elder was dressed in white and his hair was a little grizzled. Although he was quite old, his eyes were still very spirited.

"Since the headquarters is in Europe, as a branch of Nie Clan, you guys were able to do as you liked and established yourself, changing the surname Nie and calling yourself the Zhou family. The guts you guys have are really commendable." The bewitching man's gaze was as sharp as a dagger as he looked at the white-shirted elder.

"Who exactly are you and what do you want?" The elder in a white shirt furrowed his brows deeply.

This extremely bewitching youth barged into the mansion out of nowhere and killed countless talented members of the clan with just a few moves. His strength was frightening!

"Ma~ I'm not here for much today... I just need you guys to tell me the whereabouts of Miss Worriless Nie!" The man laughed.

Hearing that, all the elders were shocked.

Worriless Nie was the big missy of Nie Clan's European headquarters; it was said that she had been missing for four years and the last time she appeared was rumored to be somewhere near country Z...

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