Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 596: Where is my younger sister?

Chapter 596: Where is my younger sister?

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"Bro, we have no idea where Worriless Nie is and have never seen Nie Clan's Worriless Nie before. We don't even have any clue what she looks like. I guess you're at a wrong place," said the elder in white.

At that moment, the bewitching man's smile froze on his face and his expression darkened. "So you guys aren't telling, huh..."

"We really haven't seen Worriless Nie before!" the elder in white exclaimed.

"Since this is the case, there's no need to keep all of you traitors here anymore." The bewitching man stood up slowly; his eyes were filled with fury.


The elder in white bellowed in anger, "How is it your business whether or not we're traitors of the Nie Clan! You're on your own here - what do you think you can do, huh?!"

The moment he said that a couple well-trained powerful men stepped forward suddenly and surrounded the bewitching man.

"I don't care where you came from. I will make sure you won't return today and die right here!" The elder's eyes turned frosty.

But when he said that, a cold, flashing dagger slipped out of the sleeves of the bewitching man.


Almost in an instant, the powerful men surrounding him immediately retreated and their necks were cut open by the sharp dagger. Fresh red blood sprayed all over, staining the floor with a devilish color.

"What?!" The elder in white was in shock.

While he was speaking, the bewitching man was already right in front of him and had an arm on his shoulder.

"Who the he** are you!" The elder in white was furious.

"You can call me... Spray of Flowers..." The bewitching man chuckled.

"Spray of Flowers..." The elder's eyes instantly constricted as he stared at the bewitching man before him in disbelief. "You are... Europe... Spray of Flowers...!"

He was called the Spray of Flowers because just like the Rose of Death, this Spray of Flowers was... just as terrifying!

Similar to the Rose of Death, the Spray of Flowers had disappeared for a long time. There were many rumors saying that the Spray of Flowers was already dead.

Why would such a person appear in country Z all of a sudden... and see them...

"Since you don't know the whereabouts of Worriless Nie, you should just disappear once and for all." The Spray of Flowers revealed a menacing grin.

The moment he said that there were a couple footsteps and four men slowly strode into the hall of the ancient clan.

"Ay, great captain, you're here!" Seeing Nameless Nie, his blood-thirsty and icy gaze disappeared and he became starry-eyed. The Spray of Flowers no longer cared about the elder in white and looked as if he wanted to pounce into the arms of Nameless Nie.

"Get lost," Nameless Nie growled.

"Hubby... the captain is bullying me..." Spray of Flowers looked at the beautiful iceberg man next to Nameless Nie with an aggrieved expression.

"Hubby... say something, just one word is good enough..." Spray of Flowers pouted when he saw that the beautiful iceberg man didn't respond to his request.

"Go away." The beautiful iceberg man swept his gaze over Spray of Flowers and spoke coldly.

Spray of Flowers: "..."

At this moment, Nameless Nie looked at the elder in white and said plainly, "My younger sister was last seen at the borders of country Z and you traitors were the only ones in the entire country who could control my younger sister, so tell me, WHERE IS MY YOUNGER SISTER?"

"Who... who are you?" The elder in white was frightened as he sized Nameless Nie up.

"Nameless Nie," Nameless Nie directly said his own name.

"Wh-what... Nameless Nie..." The elder in white gasped and slumped onto the ground like mud with fear and trepidation in his eyes.

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