Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 594: Why must there always be someone competing for my manager's attention

Chapter 594: Why must there always be someone competing for my manager's attention

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Gong Xu finally stopped forcing Ye Wanwan and started to take credit, "Ye-ge, I've been practicing my acting skills with my teacher obediently and haven't missed a single class oh!"

Tang Xing Huo's expression: "..."


You just yelled at me but in the end, you're the one secretly taking lessons - do you have no sense of shame at all?

Tang Xing Huo couldn't listen to this any longer. "Damn it! Gong Xu, are you shameless? Who was the one who said..."

Before he could finish, Gong Xu hooked his arm around Tang Xing Huo's neck and dragged him aside. "Shut up! If you sell me out, I'm done with you!"

Tang Xing Huo pushed Gong Xu away and straightened his clothes. "What's up with you? Why are you so respectful towards that guy?"

Gong Xu recalled something when peach blossoms appeared in his eyes and he sneered, "Mind your own business! Just don't ruin things for me! I'm working hard now to be a great actor! Unlike you!"

Tang Xing Huo was completely speechless. "Where's your shame?"

On the other side, Ye Wanwan had just said hello to Han Xian Yu and very quickly, someone came forward to strike a conversation.

A pure and cute girl walked towards Ye Wanwan. "Hello, I'm Lin Sisi."

"Hi, I've heard about you and saw your TV series!"

The girl's smile was as beautiful as a flower. "Are you really a manager? You look so dashing - good-looking enough to be an artist!"

The girl spoke and sat down naturally next to Ye Wanwan.

Not far off, Gong Xu saw that his seat was taken by someone and his face turned ugly.

"Gong Xu... Gong Xu... what are you looking at? Did you hear what I said?"

"Shut your trap. I'm busy!" Gong Xu skipped over in Ye Wanwan's direction hurriedly.

"Sisi~" Gong Xu walked over to Lin Sisi with the sweetest smile he could put on his face. "I think I just saw your boyfriend leaving with Xiao Qin, eh!"

"What?" Lin Sisi's face changed. She stood up and walked away instantly.

Gong Xu managed to get rid of Lin Sisi with just a few words then he sat his butt down firmly next to Ye Wanwan and leaned over to whisper, "Ye-ge, don't get too close with this Lin Sisi. This woman looks innocent on the surface but has a very messy life and is very wild!"

The moment Gong Xu leaned over to Ye Wanwan, he smelled an especially nice fragrance...

Eh, Ye-ge puts on perfume?

Seeing the way Gong Xu was ratting on somebody, Ye Wanwan was speechless.

Even you have the guts to talk bad about someone else, huh? Who gave you this courage?

When Gong Xu saw that Ye Wanwan didn't seem to believe him, he quickly stretched across to Han Xian Yu and urged him, "Ask Xian Yu-ge if you don't believe me! I'm telling the truth! Yu-ge, am I right?"

Han Xian Yu coughed lightly. "Well... I'm not too sure myself."

Ye Wanwan thought to herself. This child probably has some IQ problems.

He wanted to rat on someone, but he didn't realize he had thrown himself into the pit as well. Han Xian Yu had such a clean lifestyle so obviously, he wouldn't know who in the industry was a mess. So it went without saying how Gong Xu was so clear on that...

"Okay, okay, just stop there. You don't have to worry about other people's lives. I'm going to talk to Luo Chen."

"Ah? Why! I haven't even talked that much with you..." Gong Xu complained.

Shouldn't have invited that guy!

Annoying... why must there always be someone competing for my manager's attention?!

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