Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 593: Who is this guy

Chapter 593: Who is this guy

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Tang Xing Huo felt somewhat guilty. He coughed lightly. "You can't blame me for this! It was an accident! An accident! I didn't want this either, alright? Who knew that I would be nominated..."

Tang Xing Huo felt like something wasn't right then he suddenly said, "Uh, wait, weren't you nominated as the best newcomer? You actually had the nerve to scold me!"

Gong Xu spoke in a righteous manner, "How is that the same? I was scolded even when I was nominated. And I even received harsher scoldings! What about you?! I don't care! You're a traitor! You went to hone your acting skills behind my back! I see through you! How could you face me or your fans? Face everything we went through together, huh?"

Gong Xu kept berating him without pausing when all of a sudden, the people around him turned to the stairs and let out a light cough.

Luo Chen stood up as well. "Ye-ge..."

Seeing the familiar figure that resembled a cool breeze clearing up the clouds, Gong Xu was scared out of his wits. He quickly pulled Tang Xing Huo's arm. "Xing Huo! My good brother! Congratulations on being nominated for Golden Orchid's best-supporting actor - your acting skills have improved tremendously! I'm so proud of you. You're the role model I'll be working towards! I must learn from you and improve my skills; I'll work hard to become a great actor just like you..."

"Eh? Ye-ge? Ye-ge. you're here!"

Gong Xu acted like he just noticed Ye Wanwan. He let go of Tang Xing Huo's arm then pushed Luo Chen away as he jogged over and pulled her to the seat right next to him.

Following that, he brought a fruit plate in front of Han Xian Yu over to Ye Wanwan. "Ye-ge, take a seat. Ye-ge, have some fruit!"

Tang Xing Huo, who witnessed how he changed in less time required for flipping a page: "..."

This guy...

Improve your skills my as* - I see that your acting skills are pretty good here! Changing your tone so quickly!

He didn't think much of it when Gong Xu had a change in manager - it wasn't the first time anyway. But he truly didn't expect that this day would come when Gong Xu would be so obedient and controlled by this guy...

This manager, who seemed quite young and better-looking than most artists, was pretty interesting.

After seeing the way Gong Xu treated Ye Wanwan, many artists at the party had the same thought running in their minds and were so shocked that their jaws nearly dropped.

Is this obedient and sensible man really the little tyrant, Gong Xu?

"Who is this guy?" someone asked Han Xian Yu.

Han Xian Yu took a glance in Ye Wanwan's direction then grinned. "Gong Xu's manager."

"Oh... so he's Gong Xu's new manager..."

"He actually managed to control and tame Gong Xu - he's amazing, huh!"


Ye Wanwan already overheard Gong Xu scolding Tang Xing Huo, so when she saw Gong Xu twisting the facts without even flinching, she was speechless but didn't expose him anyway.

At this moment, Gong Xu was very busy with Ye Wanwan, acting extremely polite and attentive. "Ye-ge, do you drink? White or red? I brought a bottle of red wine from home - it's a 1982 Royal Salute!"

Ye Wanwan replied, "No thank you, I don't drink. Just get me a cup of soda."

"Then Ye-ge, I'll ask a chick over to accompany you, alright? What type do you like?" Gong Xu asked.

Gong Xu's mentality was that there was no such thing as having a girlfriend and not being allowed to fool around outside at the same time.

If I really had a younger sister, I definitely wouldn't introduce her to a man like that, alright?

Ye Wanwan's face darkened. "No need."

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