Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 592: So what if I'm coming out of the closet?

Chapter 592: So what if I'm coming out of the closet?

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"Oh, alright then!" Gong Xu said in an exceptionally disappointed tone.

But I'm really, really curious...

Other than Little Candied Plum, the person he wanted to meet most was probably this legendary girlfriend of Ye-ge's who was rumored to be exceptionally beautiful...

Ay, I also wonder when Ye-ge will break the stereotype he has of me and introduce me to Little Candied Plum.

Speaking of which, it was too weird - he used all the connections he had and even followed Ye Bai's lead to find Little Candied Plum, but he still couldn't find her at all.

Right now, the only lead he had was Ye Bai.

He finally managed to find his true love, yet heaven had to torture him like this...

Why must his love life be so rough?!

"En, I'll hang up then. Rest early - staying up late is bad for your skin."

Ye Wanwan hung up and had just placed her phone down when she felt an arm tightening around her waist and a warm breath coming closer.

Ye Wanwan turned to the man next to her. "Did I wake you up?"

"Who called?" The man was half asleep and his tone was slightly lazy.

"Gong Xu called. He wants to treat me to a meal and I've dragged it on for more than a month. If I continue to reject him, he'll probably explode. This fella is really curious about you and insisted on me bringing my girlfriend along. How can I bring you along, huh..."

Hearing Ye Wanwan's rant, Si Ye Han's face froze and his brows furrowed. He suddenly realized that he dug a large pit for himself before.

If Ye Wanwan continued her male disguise in the entertainment industry, wouldn't he have to be in hiding forever...?

Si Ye Han's face changed and Ye Wanwan could guess what was on his mind, so she spoke after some time: "Actually, there's a way we can be together openly!"

Si Ye Han looked at her.

Ye Wanwan blinked. "Why don't I... come out of the closet, huh?"

Si Ye Han: "..."

Ye Wanwan thought about it then realized that something didn't seem right. "No, wait, if I came out of the closet, it also means that... you have to come out of the closet too?"

Si Ye Han gave her side-eye, an expression that said: "you only just realized, huh?"


A few days later in a certain upscale bar.

Almost the entire second level was reserved by Gong Xu. Aside from VIP guests, nobody else was allowed to enter at all.

There was a big group of good-looking people from showbiz and the DJ put on some explosive tunes - the whole place was pumping.

Gong Xu crossed his legs, sat on the sofa and sipped his drink. He glanced at the flight of stairs from time to time and when people spoke to him, he would give a perfunctory reply, looking very distracted.

More and more people filled the bar; Luo Chen, Han Xian Yu, and the others arrived too.

Ye Bai wasn't there yet.

Gong Xu had spammed him with countless messages before finally getting a reply that he was done accompanying his girlfriend and was on his way over.

"Hi~ babies, did you guys miss me?" Tang Xing Huo walked in wearing a tight shirt with a low neckline.

Once Gong Xu, who had his head buried and was busy texting, saw Tang Xing Huo, he was in a rage immediately. "Tang. Xing. Huo! You traitor! You still dared to show up here?!"

"Huh? What did I do?" Tang Xing Huo was stunned.

Gong Xu looked heartbroken and whined, "You're still pretending, huh? You were actually nominated as Golden Orchid's best-supporting-actor! This is ridiculous, RIDICULOUS! Didn't we say that brothers should walk together for life and go through thick and thin together?"

Gong Xu and Tang Xing Huo were both very similar - both of them were second-generation rich sons with terrible acting skills. Now that Tang Xing Huo received the best supporting actor award, his status suddenly improved and from Gong Xu's perspective, he naturally felt betrayed.

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