Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 585: Bring misfortune to the entire nation

Chapter 585: Bring misfortune to the entire nation

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Sometime later, the four of them sat down in a restaurant at the side of the street.

Ye Wanwan buried her head and kept drinking her cup of juice, wishing she could drown herself in it.

Sitting next to her, Si Ye Han was expressionless and sat there with a straight back.

As for her own parents who sat facing them, they kept sizing Si Ye Han up and made lots of different expressions...

This group of four looked really weird and attracted quite a bit of attention at the restaurant.

Of course, most of them were women staring at Si Ye Han and whispering to one another...

After a moment of awkward silence, Liang Wan Jun couldn't hold back anymore and spoke up first: "Wanwan, what's happening here? Who is this man? Why are you with him?"

Ye Wanwan considered her words carefully. "Mommy... I..."

"Wanwan, mommy knows you suffered a fair bit in the past, but there are some things you can't do - you can't become like the person who hurt you!" It was obvious Liang Wan Jun misunderstood Ye Wanwan and thought she was triggered and was taking revenge on society by betraying her boyfriend.

After all, when she called just now, Ye Wanwan said her relationship with her boyfriend was great and didn't have any problems, yet in the next moment she was with another man, so it was only natural that Liang Wan Jun would misunderstand.

Ye Shao Ting's face turned grave. He looked at Si Ye Han and asked in a deep voice, "Do you know she has a boyfriend?"

Si Ye Han: "Yes."

When Ye Shao Ting heard that he exploded in fury: "If you knew, why are you still with her?"

Liang Wan Jun was in total disbelief. "The two of you... Wanwan... your boyfriend's so nice to you... how could you do something like this..."

Ye Wanwan couldn't take it any longer. "Wait wait wait wait... daddy, mommy, please calm down! It's not what you guys are thinking! I didn't cheat!"

Ye Wanwan was left with no other way. She gritted her teeth then hugged Si Ye Han's arm. "Because... he's my boyfriend!"

The cold aura around Si Ye Han dissipated due to the girl's hug and a hint of surprise flashed across his eyes.

Ye Shao Ting and Liang Wan Jun looked at each other in confusion.

Liang Wan Jun looked like she didn't completely understand what happened. "What did you say? He is your... boyfriend?"

Ye Shao Ting furrowed his brows. "Wanwan, don't lie to us. You have to tell us the truth. This isn't how you described your boyfriend before."

"I'm telling the truth right now. I lied to you guys then and said that my boyfriend looked very ordinary and ugly because I was afraid... afraid you guys would be worried after seeing how he really looks... and wouldn't let us be together..." Things had already reached this point, so Ye Wanwan had to be honest now.

Liang Wan Jun and Ye Shao Ting were taken aback; they hadn't expected that things would be this way.

As for their daughter's explanation, the two of them were initially still quite suspicious, but when they took a second look at the man's face, they suddenly felt that their daughter's words... were quite believable...

Because this man's appearance... really made them worried...

With a face like his, he would attract tons of bees and butterflies, and judging by his mannerisms, he probably wasn't a simple man.

Just a while ago, so many young women looked over at him.

Ye Wanwan explained to her parents and kept glancing at Si Ye Han. It's all your fault! Why do you have to be so good looking that you can bring misfortune to an entire nation? Why do you have to be so rich too?! Quick, think of a way to give them a favorable impression of you!

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