Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 584: This is your son-in-law

Chapter 584: This is your son-in-law

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Ye Wanwan was akin to a hungry wolf among a flock of sheep - she kept buying tons of food every few minutes.

Si Ye Han's hands were almost full.

Ye Wanwan turned around and looked at the iceberg beauty with his hands filled with bags of delicious food. She suddenly found this man glorious and glistening, a feast for the eyes.

He's too perfect!

"What is it?" Si Ye Han asked when he noticed Ye Wanwan's blazing stare.

Ye Wanwan stood on her tiptoes and pecked him on his cheeks. "Nothing much, you look really good. Can't I take a longer look?"

Si Ye Han's gaze instantly turned more intense...

Ye Wanwan was basking in the moment with the beauty by her side and great food around her, so she didn't notice the two people behind her...

At this moment, Liang Wan Jun and Ye Shao Ting were following behind Ye Wanwan with bewildered looks on their faces.

Both husband and wife were initially there to shop and eat, but they suddenly saw a familiar figure who really looked like their Wanwan.

Ye Shao Ting was suspicious."Did you see the wrong person? You just called her and she said she's really busy. How could she be here shopping and eating all of a sudden?"

"It's Wanwan for sure! How could I not recognize my own daughter?" Liang Wan Jun was certain.

Ye Shao Ting took a glimpse at the man next to the girl. "Who's that man next to her then?"

Both of them were holding hands and acting so intimate - they were obviously lovers!

"I thought Wanwan's boyfriend is very average? Wanwan mentioned a few times that he looks extremely safe... this definitely doesn't match her description, right?"

Which part of this man is "ordinary" and "safe"?

Liang Wan Jun wasn't sure either: "Strange... what's going on... but that girl is obviously our Wanwan..."

But why would Wanwan be shopping and eating with such a good looking man...

Could it be that I'm old and saw the wrong person...

The husband and wife still weren't sure after following her for some time. Finally, Ye Shao Ting told his confused wife, "Why don't you just try calling her name?"

Liang Wan Jun thought about it and after getting slightly closer, she called out, "Wanwan...?"

In front, Ye Wanwan was thinking about what to eat next when she suddenly heard an extremely familiar voice behind her. Hence, she turned around instinctively...

Then she saw...

Her own parents standing there.

In the next second, the smelly tofu in Ye Wanwan's hands smashed to the ground and she was dumbfounded.

"Wanwan, it's really you... why are you..." Liang Wan Jun looked at her daughter then at the tall, extraordinarily good-looking, eye-catching man who had a strong presence. She was completely shocked.

Ye Shao Ting was stunned as well. "Wanwan, this is...?"

Ye Wanwan: "..."

Ye Wanwan's heart burst into a tsunami, turning the sky and earth upside down.

Sh*t! Must I be so unlucky?!

She didn't even have the chance to tell Si Ye Han about meeting her parents yet. In the end, she bumped right into them while shopping and her cover was blown just like that?

Damn! How should I clean up this mess now...

Her first reaction was to let go of her hand, but Si Ye Han grasped her fingers even tighter.

Ye Wanwan stood there in a dilemma and nearly broke into tears.

Daddy, mommy, please. I beg the both of you to stop looking at your daughter like she cheated on her boyfriend for a gigolo, alright?

Actually, he is that ordinary and safe future son-in-law I was talking about, ah...

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