Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 583: Fingers interwined

Chapter 583: Fingers interwined

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"Ah-Jiu, my wrist hurts so bad, I think I sprained it..."

Ye Wanwan started whining.

Although she had been training for some time and was much more flexible than before and didn't ache as badly after doing strenuous exercises, her body was still slightly sluggish and she still couldn't perform as well as she wanted to. Every time she fought, she didn't feel carefree or uninhibited enough.

I think... I could actually perform better...

The people in hiding couldn't help but shudder when they saw this scene.

Ye Wanwan's cute and gentle demeanor was even scarier than when she was violent.

They were actually worried that the weak and ill 9th master couldn't handle her, but it was a baseless fear.

This person was as obedient as a little kitten in front of 9th master...


It was evening and they were on a lively street with vendors peddling on both sides. The whole place was bustling with activity.

Although the street was quite out of the way, it didn't seem to affect their business and there were even quite a few tourists present among the crowd.

Ye Wanwan held Si Ye Han's arm and said, "The food sold along this street is delicious and cheap. Most importantly, they have almost all kinds of snacks from different countries. I used to come here very often with my parents and older brother! Ay, the fine food on this street contributed quite a fair bit to my weight gain; even my brother gained a full ten kilograms because he kept coming here with me..."

Si Ye Han listened intently as she spoke. Judging by his expression... it was clear that the divine great devil didn't even know this sort of place existed in Imperial City...

After all, this man didn't even know what cotton candy was...

"Boss! Get me a candied haw! I want that... yes, that huge one!"

"Alright eh, make sure you hold it properly!"

"Thank you!"

Ye Wanwan held the stick of shiny candied haw and asked the divine great devil next to her, "Do you know what this is?"

Si Ye Han looked at Ye Wanwan with a look that read "do you think I'm an idiot?"

Ye Wanwan then asked, "Then have you eaten one before?"

Si Ye Han: "..."

Ha, I knew it!

Ye Wanwan put the candied haw near Si Ye Han's mouth. "Quick, take a bite! It's pretty good!"

Si Ye Han looked at the shiny red balls before him which looked like they were made of rubber and furrowed his brows. He shifted away and didn't seem very willing.

"You don't want this? What do you like to eat then? We'll go buy it!" Seeing that Si Ye Han didn't want to eat it, Ye Wanwan didn't force him and happily took a big bite. Her cheeks bulged out as she chewed skillfully and smoothly like a little squirrel.

"Over there, I think there's..." Ye Wanwan was about to speak when the man next to her leaned over suddenly, lowered his head and gobbled half a ball of candied haw.

Ye Wanwan blinked. "I thought you didn't want it..."

Si Ye Han chewed it expressionlessly. The sweet and sour taste slowly spread in his mouth and it wasn't as intolerable as he initially thought...

"Hehe, good huh? Let's go! I'll let you try something better!" Ye Wanwan took the lead excitedly.

As it was very crowded, she was squeezed to the front.

Si Ye Han frowned. His long legs increased their speed, trying to catch up with her. He didn't seem very pleased. "Don't run around."

"Well... let's just do this then!" Ye Wanwan pulled open his wide palm and their fingers intertwined.

Si Ye Han lowered his gaze and looked at their hands. "En."

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