Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 582: Great White is just fluffy

Chapter 582: Great White is just fluffy

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As the easiest-to-coax-great-devil in history, Si Ye Han was defeated once again as expected.

He took a glance at the girl who was covered in dust. "Have you had enough fun today?"

"Enough! Yes, yes! It feels amazing after moving some muscles! Wait for me - I'll get changed then we can go shopping, I'll bring you to eat some good food!" Ye Wanwan hurriedly changed the topic then disappeared into the changing room like a wisp of smoke.

That was close!

I'll find a chance later during the date to bring up the thing about meeting my parents...

Si Ye Han watched her retreating figure as she skipped away. His eyes were like the deep sea beneath the moonlight, yet it was subtly fluctuating like strong waves...

While Ye Wanwan was changing, Si Ye Han waited downstairs and so was a big white tiger.

Slaughter spent most of his time in Jin garden these days and was fed by Ye Wanwan till his coat was sleek and smooth, his body plump and strong...

Shortly after, Ye Wanwan was done changing and she came skipping down the stairs.

She wore a light pink A-line floral dress with a blueish-gray woolen jacket that was the same color scheme as Si Ye Han's, revealing her fair collarbone and slim, long calves. The design of her white kitten heels was special - they looked like a twig lined with flowers that wrapped around her slender ankles. Her naturally-curled black hair fell beautifully on her shoulders and swayed gently with her movements...

Her eyes were filled with fragments of light. She jogged lightly towards him. It was as if a blazing sun ran into his chest, causing the iciness that hadn't melted in years to thaw...

"I'm done! We can leave now!"

The second Ye Wanwan said that she saw the big white tiger, sprawled across the floor akin to a white velvet carpet, lift its head up to look at her.

That gaze seemed to be reminding her of something.

Ye Wanwan hurriedly slapped her head. "Wait wait! I have to feed Great White!"

Previously, she always stole food and sneakily fed it to Great White. Now that she was more daring and seeing that Si Ye Han didn't seem to care, she fed him openly.

Si Ye Han sat on the sofa and shot a glance from his periphery at the white tiger whose presence was unpredictable in the past - for some reason, the tiger was always lazing around Jin garden nowadays. His gaze was indescribable.

After some time, Si Ye Han asked, "Did it get fatter?"

Ye Wanwan happily ran over with the steak in her little hand and paused before replying in a very serious tone, "Nonsense! He's not fat at all, alright? Great White is... is just very fluffy!"


The corners of Si Ye Han's lips twitched subconsciously.

Ye Wanwan was very satisfied with this assurance she gave herself and continued feeding him merrily.

The fluffy Great White laid there lazily and enjoyed his steak leisurely. He swayed his tail lightly and didn't even mind when Ye Wanwan secretly rubbed his hair~

Oh, truly, like owner, like pet...

Actually, Great White is just a little sassy; he's not that scary...

After Ye Wanwan was done feeding Great White, she held Si Ye Han's hand and they left.

Outside, a group of bodyguards was about to leave for drinks and coincidentally bumped into Ye Wanwan and Si Ye Han walking over from the courtyard. They were totally scared out of their wits and immediately took off at lightning speed and hid behind the bushes.

"Quick, hide, hide! Don't blow our cover!"

They already told her they were going to practice...

Everyone watched as the vicious and violent girl from the ring just a while ago, now dressed in a pretty little dress with kitten heels and was holding their master's arm, looked so fragile like a little bird...

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