Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 581: Don't you know how good looking you are?

Chapter 581: Don't you know how good looking you are?

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"Mommy, I know that. I hate those handsome and rich men who attract bees and butterflies everywhere they go..."

Ye Wanwan was right in the middle of making a solemn vow and assuring her mother, so she didn't notice who was behind her...

Right at this moment, there was a sudden creaking sound of the door and the balcony door was pushed open without warning.

Ye Wanwan turned around instinctively when she heard that, then she saw Si Ye Han's tall and lean figure standing there with a book in hand.

As she specifically asked Si Ye Han to dress casually for the date that day, he was dressed in a simple white shirt and a blueish-gray cashmere coat; his dark, unstyled hair seemed unusually soft.

He had a high nose bridge, his thin lips looked fickle like it was suppressing a sensual passion, his cold and clear eyes didn't have a speck of dust in them and he seemed much younger than usual. Plus, this thick aura of self-restraint was simply lethal...

Si Ye Han seemed to have overheard her last sentence and he narrowed his eyes slightly...

As for Ye Wanwan, she froze and remained in the same position, holding her phone as she stared at the unbelievably stunning face before her in a daze!


Why would Si Ye Han be here! AHHH!

"Mommy, I have to hang up now ah, I'll chat with you again soon! Bye bye!"

Ye Wanwan quickly hung up then swallowed hard. She turned to Si Ye Han and stuttered, "You... you you... you... why are you in my house?"

Si Ye Han strolled in then replied with two words without any expression: "Good lighting."

Alright, the lighting on my balcony is definitely the best. Si Ye Han often comes over to my balcony to read or rest.

Sh*t, I'm too careless!

I don't even know how much Si Ye Han heard!

Ye Wanwan glanced at him carefully then tried probing, "That uh... I was speaking to my mom just now... how much did you hear..."

Si Ye Han: "Not much."

Ye Wanwan still felt uneasy and she continued probing, "How much is 'not much'?"

Si Ye Han looked at her and was quiet for a second then he repeated, "I hate those handsome and rich men who attract bees and butterflies everywhere they go..."

Ye Wanwan was speechless...

Damn it...

He actually heard that...

Ye Wanwan hurriedly hopped over to explain. "That ah, that's a misunderstanding! It's definitely a misunderstanding. You know, I was just saying that for my parents... I LOVE men who are good looking, rich, and attract bees and butterflies! Otherwise, I wouldn't be so smitten by you!"

Si Ye Han's eyes flickered. "Attract bees and butterflies?"

"That's right! Did I say something wrong? Don't you think this face of yours is enough to attract bees and butterflies? Don't you know how good looking you are?" Ye Wanwan said seriously and started to suck up in all kind of ways.

Si Ye Han's lips twitched slightly, but from his expression, it was obvious he wasn't upset about it anymore.

Ye Wanwan knew how to weigh his words and interpret his expressions since they'd been together for quite some time. Even when Si Ye Han had facial paralysis, she could read his emotions and knew that the crisis had passed. Hence, she heaved a sigh of relief and continued to placate him, "Wrong wrong! Doesn't matter if he's rich, poor, handsome or ugly - they have nothing to do with me! I only like you, baby!"

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