Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 586: Not scientific at all

Chapter 586: Not scientific at all

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After receiving urgent looks from Ye Wanwan, Si Ye Han stood up to excuse himself and headed to the toilet.

After much deliberation, the man whipped out his phone and tapped open a WeChat group consisting of three people which he had never spoken in before.

[Si Ye Han: How do I leave a good impression?]


At the same time, in a certain bar.

Lin Que was initially looking at his phone out of boredom when all of a sudden, he saw something on his phone. He spat out a mouthful of whiskey directly across to Xie Zhe Zhi. *Pffft——* "F*ck!!!"

"Eh... Lin, why are you so disgusting?" Xie Zhe Zhi patted the expensive suit he was wearing in disgust.

Lin Que exclaimed impatiently, "No... quick, read the group chat!"

Xie Zhe Zhi pulled out his phone lazily. "What group?"

Lin Que howled, "WeChat group! The one with 9th brother ah! The ten-thousand-years lurker king has finally spoken! Ever since this guy got a girlfriend, he completely abandoned us in the Siberian desert, hasn't he? He doesn't even return our calls or reply to our messages and disappeared from the face of the earth. He doesn't even go to the office anymore! This is just like the poem - She slept till the sun rose high, for the blessed night was short, from then on the monarch no longer held morning court." [1]

[Si Ye Han: How do I leave a good impression?]

Lin Que: "..."

Xie Zhe Zhi: "..."

At this moment, the two men stared at that mysterious message in silence.

Lin Que muttered, "Do you think 9th master's phone is hacked?"

Xie Zhe Zhi frowned. "Which extraordinary hacker could do that?"

Lin Que was astonished. "So this is really him?! He forgets loyalty when in love; why would he care about us? Could it be that they broke up, haha...? 9th brother is finally returning to the single dog trio, huh?"

Single dog trio...

Xie Zhe Zhi gave him a side-eye. "Don't include me."

"Even though all the girls in the entire country like you, so what? You're still a single dog!" Lin Que mocked him and dragged Xie Zhe Zhi into it. Then he hurriedly typed a reply.

[Lin Que: 9th brother, you finally appeared! Leave what good impression, good impression to who, huh bro? Are you facing some problems in your relationship? Quick, tell little bro here~]

Lin Que excitedly waited for some juicy gossip.

Within less than three seconds, a reply came——

[Si Ye Han: Wanwan's parents.]

Lin Que was stunned then he started whining like his heart was aching, "Damn it! 9th brother actually went to meet her parents — I thought they broke up. In the end, they actually reached the stage of meeting her parents? With our 9th brother's EQ, how is this possible?! It's not scientific at all!"

In the group chat:

[Si Ye Han: @Xie Zhe Zhi.]

Si Ye Han chose to ignore Lin Que and directed his message to Xie Zhe Zhi.

Lin Que was instantly offended. "Why must he direct it to you?! That's too unfair!"

Xie Zhe Zhi chuckled and replied with a voice message, "Baby, are you sure... you need to leave a good impression?"

Lin Que quickly chimed in, "That's right, 9th brother. You're so handsome and rich, why do you even need to leave a good impression, huh!"

As for this question, Si Ye Han, who was in the hallway, decided not to answer.

It's exactly because I'm too handsome and rich, that's why...

Lin Que: "So 9th brother, trust me. With your qualities, you'll get full marks with just that face of yours! When you meet them, just dress as well as you can!"

Xie Zhe Zhi: "Why don't you just give them a one billion dowry?"

Si Ye Han: "..."

After some time, the WeChat group indicated a notice— [Your friend "Si Ye Han" has left the group]

"Ay ay? Why did he leave? I thought our ideas were quite brilliant..."

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