Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 578: With his master's EQ

Chapter 578: With his master's EQ

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On the training grounds, Xu Yi looked towards the cheering crowd surrounding Ye Wanwan and his eyes flickered.

At first, he didn't understand why master would agree to something so ridiculous and let Eleven and Feng Xuan Yi hire Miss Wanwan as their teacher. Now, he finally understood.

Master was helping Miss Wanwan carve a path for herself and was certain she could do it.

The various factions in the Si family were very complicated and difficult to deal with. When the old master absurdly produced many illegitimate children, it caused the Si family to be in turmoil and the entire family nearly fell apart.

The Dark Team old master left behind was a mess as well...

It was only when the original master, who was originally disinterested in his right of inheritance, suddenly returned to power and quickly cleaned up the entire family that the Si family finally maintained some peace and stability for the time being.

Under such circumstances, just saying "Ye Wanwan will be the future mistress of the household" wouldn't be sufficient to tame all the powerful factions or eliminate all the voices of opposition.

After all, with Ye Wanwan's current status, pushing her higher up would only put her in more danger.

This was also the same concern he shared with the others when Ye Wanwan appeared before.

In the past, Ye Wanwan was too unrestrained. With a person like her by master's side, she really would get master killed someday.

He also didn't understand why master would cling to Ye Wanwan and insisted on pushing her up to that position.

It was only recently that Xu Yi gradually changed his attitude towards Ye Wanwan...

It was probably because he was extremely disappointed with his father that the old master never interfered with the family's fights, causing everyone in the Si family to nearly forget about his existence for a long time.

From Xu Yi's point of view, the master didn't have any demands or requests; he didn't care about anything and definitely didn't know anything about relationships.

He never even took a proper look at his own so-called childhood sweetheart, Qin Ruo Xi, before.

After all, with master's EQ, women's actions were, in effect, simply for the blind - he would never get it.

Hence, Xu Yi was very surprised when his master, who never fought for anything, suddenly started vying for power.

The second thing that was both unexpected and hard to understand was the intense manner that his master used to force a woman like Ye Wanwan to stay by his side...

I wonder what sort of secrets lurk among all this...


Not far off, the bodyguards were very excited.

"Miss Wanwan, you're awesome - you groomed a head captain!"

"Actually, if it wasn't for that Yuan Sheng playing his dirty tricks, leader Eleven wouldn't have any problem being the head captain at all! Thankfully, our captain Xuan Yi was quick-witted and didn't allow Yuan Sheng to have his way!"

The bodyguards spoke as they got closer to Ye Wanwan.

"Miss Wanwan, please teach us a few moves as well!"

"Leader Eleven said you're able to see through a person's weaknesses and loopholes with one glance - just how do you do that?"

"Me too, me too, I want to learn too!"

Ye Wanwan laughed. "I'll teach you guys whenever I'm free."

Seeing this group of passionate bodyguards, Ye Wanwan was deeply moved.

In her previous life, even when she was already married to Si Ye Han and was the mistress of the household, nobody really respected her. The more Si Ye Han protected her, the more she was a trouble-making vixen in everyone's eyes and the more they couldn't forgive her...

But now, after the head captain competition, she actually received sincere approval from these people. These bodyguards, who revered martial arts skills, had an obvious change in attitude towards her; the head captain and leader of Dark Team 1 were even her disciples.

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