Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 577: Legendary expert

Chapter 577: Legendary expert

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How is this possible...

How did things turn out this way...

The competition was over and people started to leave.

Liu Ying, who was previously so confident about getting the post of head captain back, watched as Dark Team 1 celebrated and cheered. He looked at Yuan Sheng being lifted in the air by the members of Dark Team 4 and stood there in a daze.

Up to this current moment, he still couldn't believe the outcome of this competition.

He didn't expect he would lose to Yuan Sheng...

And he was even more surprised that Ye Wanwan's skills were actually at this stage...

He always mocked her for barely having the strength to truss a chicken - he insulted her and called her a burden, but now it seemed like he was the joke...

A complete joke...

He couldn't even defeat Yuan Sheng, much less Ye Wanwan.

He was born into an aristocratic family of ancient martial artists and thought he was better than others. He never cared about anyone else, but within a day, it seemed like his entire life was turned upside down.

He finally realized that however perfect things might seem, there would always be stronger people out there.

He heard light footsteps next to him and Qin Ruo Xi consoled him gently, "Liu Ying, don't give up. You're still young and you can still improve - a failure or two is no big deal."

Liu Ying lowered his head. "I just... feel like a joke... I kept laughing at Ye Wanwan in the past... but in the end, I realized that... I'm no match for her... I might not even... be able to survive one attack from her..."

This fact alone was enough to crush him.

Qin Ruo Xi patted Liu Ying's shoulder. "You can't make a comparison like that - Miss Ye is pretty gifted herself and 9th master hired a great teacher to coach her so she could learn some self-defense. Naturally, she was able to make drastic improvements. As for Yuan Sheng, he was able to suddenly break through his bottleneck recently."

He wasn't sure why but at this moment, Liu Ying looked at this woman before him and the phrase Yuan Sheng mentioned before surfaced in his head: "This is also what Miss Ruo Xi wants."

Could it be that Miss Ruo Xi purposely trained Yuan Sheng to let him take the post of head captain?

Liu Ying knew he wasn't as skilled as Yuan Sheng, and since this was the case, he shouldn't have any complaints, but this realization made him miserable...

At the infirmary:

Yuan Sheng quickly struggled to get up when he saw Qin Ruo Xi walking over. "Miss Ruo Xi!"

"Don't get up, just lie down. You're seriously injured," Qin Ruo Xi said.

Yuan Sheng's face was extremely gloomy. His swollen and bruised face looked even more hideous and awful at this moment as he said, "Damn it! Miss Ruo Xi, the post of head captain belongs to me! That woman suddenly appeared and caused trouble, going against the rules! You have to stand up for me!"

Yuan Sheng's eyes lit up as he continued, "Hng, no matter how great that Ye Wanwan is, she can never be compared to Miss Ruo Xi. Miss Ruo Xi, you're the true genius; you're gifted in many areas, practiced martial arts since you were little, gathered all the strong skills from various schools and your skills are so unmeasurable that calling you a legendary expert might not even suffice."

"It was also because of your coaching that I had my breakthrough. Miss Ruo Xi, I was groomed by you personally. Ye Wanwan was obviously trying to provoke you by hitting my face like that!"

Qin Ruo Xi naturally knew the motive behind Yuan Sheng's flowery praise and she glanced at him plainly. "That's enough, don't bring this incident up anymore. Ah-Jiu didn't stop the fight then, so it means there's no room for negotiation on this matter."

Yuan Sheng felt indignant. "Master is simply out of his mind - how could he simply allow that woman to interfere with the Si family's affairs and bribe others? But Miss Ruo Xi, don't worry, I won't be like that idiot, Liu Ying, and only be devoted towards 9th master. In the future, if there's any news regarding this woman, I'll definitely report it to you immediately, not leaving her any opportunities to take advantage of..."

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