Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 576: Indeed a little hardcore

Chapter 576: Indeed a little hardcore

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There were no pillars around to act as barriers anymore, so Yuan Sheng's body flew directly out of the ring. He slammed onto the ground hard and couldn't move at all while he listened to Xu Yi's announcement of the results.

That blazing red Vermilion bird ring fell to the ground with a "ding", adding to the ridicule...

Nobody expected that the post of head captain would actually land in Little Stutterer's hands.

"I... damn! The post of head captain was settled just like that? This is legit?!"

"It wasn't Eleven or Liu Ying or even the black horse, Yuan Sheng - it was actually this Little Stutterer? This is too unexpected!"

After all, most of them didn't have a clue who he was before the competition.

Everyone from Dark Team 1 crowded around Little Stutterer and was extremely excited.

"Hahahaha... Little Stutterer! You're amazing, wow! That was so unexpected!"

"You're completely shameless, but I love that!"

"Well done! This is how you deal with that ignorant bastard! Otherwise, we'd be letting him off too easily, huh!"

Little Stutterer corrected them sternly, "Call... call me Feng Xuan Yi... and... and... I'm not... shameless... he's the... shameless... one... he... beat women up! Leader Ele... Eleven, don't be... uu-upset... I took... revenge... for you already..."

"Hahaha..." What Little Stutterer said caused everyone to burst into a fit of laughter.

Even Eleven's serious expression turned gentler.

"But the coolest part was our Miss Wanwan's tyrannical fight!"

"Yes yes yes! It was simply too gratifying! The way she beat him up made me feel so happy!"

"Did you guys see that just now? That dumba** Yuan Sheng was still posing in the ring when Miss Wanwan sent him flying with a single kick! Who on earth would bother posing in a fight? Just go up there and end it right away!"

Ye Wanwan watched as Little Stutterer ran into the ring. She was shocked herself.

However, she really liked Little Stutterer's style of doing things.

Letting others have a taste of their own medicine... they say you're shameless? Then I'll be even more shameless.

Yuan Sheng's expression when Little Stutterer went up on stage was even more tragic than when Ye Wanwan beat him a hundred times.

Currently, all the other bodyguards were deep in their own discussions. After today's competition, everyone looked at Ye Wanwan with a different light.

"I really didn't expect that... that woman actually has some moves! Yuan Sheng was completely defeated!"

"Exactly. Even though Liu Ying lost to Yuan Sheng, in the end, Yuan Sheng couldn't even fight this woman, so we can tell how strong she is without a second thought... no wonder master was so relaxed and allowed us to follow the rules..."

"Darn it, she looks so pretty and delicate too. Wasn't this a little too violent? Master's taste is truly hard to perceive!"

*cough* "This... is in-indeed a little hardcore..."


"Miss... Miss Ruo Xi... I..." Yuan Sheng struggled to speak.

Qin Ruo Xi beckoned someone to treat Yuan Sheng then she looked in Ye Wanwan's direction. A cloud of darkness entered her eyes.

This time, although Eleven was no longer head captain, he was still the leader of Dark Team 1, not to mention that the head captain was now Feng Xuan Yi.

As Yuan Sheng lost to Little Stutterer, he was only the leader of Dark Team 4.

As for Liu Ying, he was defeated by Yuan Sheng, so he wasn't even a team leader and was demoted to an ordinary member...

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