Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 575: An unexpected outcome

Chapter 575: An unexpected outcome

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Xu Yi stared at the retreating figure of the future mistress of the household and took a big gulp. He took a long time to compose himself before turning to the crowd and announcing, *cough cough...* "The competition for head captain shall... cont-continue... the winner of the last fight was Yuan Sheng. Now, does anyone wants to challenge Yuan Sheng for the position of head captain?"

Following Xu Yi's announcement, all the bodyguards at the scene snapped back to reality from the bloody scene they just witnessed...

A few of the team leaders who were qualified to challenge the head captain looked at Yuan Sheng, who was beaten to a pulp, then turned to look at each other, confused.

Yuan Sheng's in this state right now, this... how can he continue to fight like this?

We would have an unfair advantage, right?

Furthermore... he looks so pathetic... we wouldn't bear to fight him...

Yuan Sheng laid on the ground with his last breath, fresh blood still flowing out of his mouth and his eyes were filled with gloominess and hatred.

He couldn't accept this outcome at all.

This idiotic woman! How could this happen?!

He was actually beaten up so badly that he couldn't retaliate at all in front of so many people...

But no matter what, this post of head captain would still belong to him!

"Are you alright?" Qin Ruo Xi walked over hurriedly. She got Liu Ying and the others to help him up.

Although events of the competition were different from what she expected, at least it was still within her control and she gained control over the post of head captain...

If not for that woman, everything would've been perfect...

Xu Yi asked again and nobody responded.

Hence, Xu Yi coughed lightly and said, "Alright, since nobody wants to challenge him, then I declare that the head captain of Dark Team this time is..."

"I... I... I... want..."

At this moment, someone's stuttering could be heard.

Xu Yi turned to the youth who spoke up. "You what?"

"I... I want... want... want... want..."

Xu Yi's head was covered in black lines. "You want to challenge him?"

Little Stutterer nodded. "Yes!"

Xu Yi: "...Are you sure?"

All the bodyguards started discussing amongst themselves.

"Damn! Isn't this a bit ridiculous, huh? He's already beaten up and that guy still wants to challenge him?"

"Exactly. Winning a fight like that isn't really considered a win, right?"


Little Stutterer harrumphed and glared at those people. "Wh-wh-why... can't I challenge him? Life and death are determined by fate in the ring. He can only blame his lousy skills for being beaten up like... th-that... it has nothing to do with anyone else, wh-what has... has it got to do with me? Furthermore, I hate men... who beat women up..."

It was so rare that Little Stutterer was able to speak with such eloquence.

However, once they heard the last sentence he said, everyone's head was covered in black lines.

Beat women up?

Which eye of his saw Yuan Sheng hitting a woman?

He was beaten up from the start, alright?

It was simply tyrannical...

Once Little Stutterer finished speaking, he hopped into the ring self-righteously.

Hearing the certainty and confidence in Little Stutterer's tone, Yuan Sheng, who was already half beaten to death, was nearly angered to death by him. "You..."

The result of this competition came almost without any suspense...

Yuan Sheng was almost crippled by Ye Wanwan's beatings. It was already very hard to climb back into the ring and with a few attacks, he was kicked back down.

Xu Yi wiped his sweat and announced, "Little Stutterer... no, I mean... Feng Xuan Yi won! Is there anyone who wants to challenge Feng Xuan Yi?"

Below the ring, everyone looked at each other but none of them had the intention of going up.

Liu Ying lost to Yuan Sheng and even lost his title as team leader, so he wasn't qualified to challenge the head captain at all.

After Eleven lost to Yuan Sheng, although he still held the status of team leader, he couldn't possibly challenge Little Stutterer.

As for the other team leaders, the most skillful was the leader of Dark Team 3, but he already lost to Little Stutterer previously so the other team leaders obviously wouldn't voluntarily ask for a snub...

So, the result of this head captain competition...

Xu Yi saw that nobody else was speaking up so he declared, "Since nobody wants to challenge him, the newly-appointed head captain is... Feng Xuan Yi!"

Xu Yi's voice echoed throughout the training grounds as he announced this unexpected outcome.

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