Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 574: Can 9th master stand it?

Chapter 574: Can 9th master stand it?

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At this current moment, all the bodyguards stood there in a daze and didn't to even breathe.

Below the ring, someone swallowed with a loud gulp "gu lu."

This... this this... what's going on...?

It was like a feral dog was let off its leash; nobody understood what just happened...


After over 20 minutes, the sixth pillar was broken as well.

Yuan Sheng's mind was in a whirl. He was already beaten senseless and fear encapsulated him as he watched the tyrannical figure make her way towards him. He rapidly crawled backward.

How is this possible...

How is this possible?!

This woman was simply the devil - no matter what moves he tried to execute, she somehow knew and was well-prepared for them with knowledge of his weaknesses beforehand. The scariest part was her speed - she didn't leave him any time to think, messing up all his moves...

According to Eleven's fight just now, she should only know how to defend and not attack, right? So how...

"Ah——" *Pow!*

Yuan Sheng was only halfway up when he was flung away horizontally, knocking into the pillar. He spat out fresh blood along with his front tooth. He laid on the floor on his last breath; he was already exhaling more than he was inhaling...

Meanwhile, the seventh pillar split into pieces and fell to the floor.

"Oh my god... what happened... did I see things correctly... Yuan Sheng was... actually... tortured..."

"This... isn't this a little too overboard..." Someone took a big gulp.

"But master said himself to follow the rules - life and death are determined by fate and even if someone dies in the ring, nobody takes responsibility..."


Everyone revealed an indescribable expression.

Xu Yi's mouth was wide open to the point that his jaw was on the verge of dropping. He suddenly realized... why master specifically stressed that life and death were determined by fate...

However, even though that was stated in the rules, everyone normally tried to keep things tame during the competition. If anything fatal happened today, it wouldn't be too beneficial for Miss Wanwan's reputation either!

Directly killing a bodyguard was a little too much...

Xu Yi was extremely anxious. He kept looking at the time and once he saw that the time was almost up, he quickly yelled, "Miss Wanwan, time's up! Time's up! Quick, stop!"

Ye Wanwan turned to the gigantic clock and looked disapprovingly at Xu Yi who was in a panic. "What's the rush? Aren't there three more seconds?"

Using the final second, a loud "pow" echoed and Yuan Sheng was sent flying to the eighth pillar with a kick.

The pillar responded by breaking into pieces.

This time, Yuan Sheng's body directly knocked against the pillar and broke it, then he fell out of the ring...

Time's up. The fight was over.

There was a complete silence.

Xu Yi covered his face and couldn't bear to witness what happened. "..."

Among the crowd, Liu Ying stood in a daze. His face was ashen and stiff.

This... how did this happen...

Yuan Sheng's skills are better than mine, but how come Yuan Sheng couldn't even stand a chance in front of this woman?

Under everyone's stunned gazes, Ye Wanwan walked to the edge of the ring, step by step.

Almost everyone by the side of the ring took a step back subconsciously. They looked at Ye Wanwan like they were looking at some prehistoric monster.

This... this was too... too brutal, huh...

It hurt just to watch it...

The main point is that... she was really only using one hand... from beginning till the end...

Can the sickly and weak 9th master take this violence?

With all the horrified gazes on her, Ye Wanwan stepped across the floor stained with blood and jumped out of the ring. After which she turned to Xu Yi and said, "You guys may continue."

Then she turned and walked away without looking back at all.

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