Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 573: Tyrannical!!!

Chapter 573: Tyrannical!!!

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Listening to how Yuan Sheng was pretending to have some humility, Ye Wanwan stood in the same spot without any expression and didn't say a word.

When Yuan Sheng was done talking, he adopted a starting pose - his palms faced forward with one leg striking high in the sky. His entire body was like a tiger springing down from a mountain - overbearing and threatening.

Hehe, this woman came at the right time. I was struggling over how to show my loyalty towards Miss Ruo Xi...

Below the ring, most people were cheering aside from Dark Team 1. After all, nobody liked having a woman running into the ring without permission, nor did they like being given orders and criticized.

"This woman courted death of her own accord; we can finally teach her a little lesson!"

"She really thinks the Dark Team is weak, huh?"

"Leader Yuan, three moves is too much - I think one move would be enough. She's so weak that I'm scared her bones will break with just half a move..."


Ye Wanwan didn't care about this mockery at all. She placed one hand behind her back and turned to Xu Yi. "Can we begin?"

Xu Yi coughed lightly. "Yes yes, you may begin now. I have to remind you, Miss Wanwan - fists and feet have no eyes in the ring and one is responsible for one's own life or death so please prioritize your safety and don't act impulsively. You must not..."

Ye Wanwan frowned. "Naggy."

Xu Yi prepared a whole list of reminders that he didn't get the chance to say. Following Ye Wanwan's scoff, an oppressive figure flew over.

In the next second, there was a resounding "pow——".

Yuan Sheng, who previously moved confidently and with ease, was like a kite with a broken string as he was sent flying across the ring. His body knocked against the pillar at the edge of the ring.

The pillar cracked.

Yuan Sheng spat out a mouthful of fresh blood instantly and leaned against the pillar for support so he didn't fall out of the ring.

Xu Yi: "..."

Yuan Sheng hadn't reacted to what happened yet when Ye Wanwan's elbow appeared like a huge mountain and struck him on his shoulders.

"Ah——" Yuan Sheng dropped to the ground in an instant.

Xu Yi: "..."

Yuan Sheng stood up and hadn't had time to process what happened when a terrifying figure charged at him. His body knocked against the same pillar again...

Xu Yi: "..."

"Bang" The pillar broke immediately. Yuan Sheng's body flew out and looked as if he was about to land outside the ring.

This is bad!!!

At this second, a powerful force grabbed Yuan Sheng's collar. That force brutally flung him towards the ring then slammed him on the ground, causing an explosion of dust.

"Ouch..." *cough cough*

Within a short five seconds, there were three moves...

Yuan Sheng's sternum was shattered into pieces, his back was unbearably painful and his face was bruised and swollen while fresh blood flowed everywhere...

Ye Wanwan looked condescendingly at the man who was about to fall out of the ring but was dragged back inside by her. She curled her lips lazily, speaking in a low voice: "You want this to end soon? I'm... afraid I'm not going to let you... let's take half an hour, not a second less..."

"Pow" Yuan Sheng's body was sent flying like a torn rag once again.

After that, the entire ring was filled with sounds of his body being slammed down repeatedly and the chilling sound of his bones breaking...

There was a total of eight pillars in the ring and Yuan Sheng already broke five of them...

Xu Yi: "..."

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