Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 572: Life and death are determined by fate

Chapter 572: Life and death are determined by fate

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Great aunt, could you please give me some face? I'm the host today...

Too bad, Ye Wanwan was immovable like a mountain and looked determined to fight.

Xu Yi didn't have a choice and could only put on a long face. "Hold on, I need to ask for instructions."

Xu Yi stepped to the side and hurriedly gave his master a call.

After two rings, Si Ye Han answered.

Xu Yi spoke anxiously, "Hello, 9th... 9th master..."

"What is it?" The man's deep voice came through the phone.

What else?! Your wife is causing trouble again; I might not be able to handle this situation anymore!

How could such a thing happen when she's just a spectator? I'm going to break down soon, alright?

Xu Yi whined in his heart but he had to suppress his emotions on the surface. He reported what happened with careful detail then trembled in fear as he said, "This has never happened before... I really can't make a decision... so I'm here to ask you for instructions! What should I do now?"

Your wife insists on fighting. I can't convince her not to, so please do something!

Finally, after a short moment of silence, a clear and cold reply came: "Sure."

Wh... what?


What do you mean by "sure"?

Xu Yi was dumbfounded. He was about to speak when he heard his master's calm voice: "Follow the rules of a knockout tournament."

What? According to the rules of a knockout tournament?

Following the rules of a knockout tournament means that life and death are determined by fate!

Master, did you make a mistake somewhere?

If Miss Wanwan gets hurt, how am I going to answer for it...

"Hello... 9th..."

Xu Yi was about to probe further but Si Ye Han hung up.

Seeing Xu Yi in a daze, Yuan Sheng said, "Housekeeper Xu, master obviously wouldn't allow such a dangerous event. I guess you better convince Ye..."

Before Yuan Sheng could finish his sentence, Xu Yi looked up and interrupted him. "9th master agreed."


Yuan Sheng was stunned by his reply.

All the bodyguards at the scene were astounded as well.

Very soon, the shock in Yuan Sheng's eyes quickly turned to a subtle happiness but he acted like he was in a difficult position and said, "But if I accidentally hurt Miss Ye, I might not be able to account for it!"

Although Xu Yi was at an extreme loss, he could only quote what Si Ye Han said: "Master already ordered that it shall proceed according to the rules of a knockout tournament."

When Ye Wanwan heard that, she raised her brows slightly and her expression turned gentler.

Xu Yi's words ignited an uproar once again...

Everyone below the ring was waiting for a good show.

If she hadn't courted death, she wouldn't have to die, huh...

9th master is probably sick and tired of this woman acting up all the time and wants to give her a lesson, right?

Yuan Sheng didn't have to be apprehensive about it anymore...

Of course, he couldn't kill her, but it was perfectly fine to give her a little lesson!

In the crowd, Liu Ying looked towards the ring unsympathetically.

He already knew this would happen - someday, this woman would have to pay for her stupidity.

Not everyone would give her face.

With Yuan Sheng's audacious ambition plus the master's promise, he would definitely give this woman a lesson today and make a name for himself.

After he received permission to proceed, Yuan Sheng wasn't apprehensive anymore. He looked content like he was sampling a dessert after a meal and spoke like a gentleman, "Miss Ye, although this is a fair competition, you're a woman after all so I will try to end this in three moves to prevent hurting you!"

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