Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 571: Roll down from this ring

Chapter 571: Roll down from this ring

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"Miss Wanwan!"

Xu Yi broke out in a cold sweat when he saw Ye Wanwan charging up to the ring and all the bodyguards were stunned as well.

"Teacher... I'm sorry..." Eleven clenched his fists and looked down.

Ye Wanwan frowned and helped Eleven up. "I'm the one who should be apologizing."

Due to her limited skills, she wasn't able to coach him well and didn't know about the knot in his heart.

She felt an overwhelming sense of guilt to be called his teacher.

Yuan Sheng felt a numb and painful sensation on his wrist and his eyes turned gloomy.

The rumors are true - this woman is quite strong.

Yuan Sheng stood there and said coldly, "Miss Ye, no offense but this ring is meant for the competition between Dark Team bodyguards; it's not a bar where you can come and go as you like, breaking all the rules."

When the other bodyguards heard what Yuan Sheng said, they were upset as well - this was a competition. Even as the mistress of the household, she couldn't simply butt in and mess things up. Furthermore, Ye Wanwan wasn't officially in that position yet.

Ye Wanwan looked disapprovingly at Yuan Sheng and replied expressionlessly, "Rules? If I didn't hear you wrong, you were the one who invited me up here and I was merely accommodating your request. Even if it's against the rules, shouldn't you be the one who's responsible?"

Yuan Sheng immediately retorted, "Since when did I..."

Alas, he stopped speaking halfway as he recalled something.

Seems like... I did say that...

Damn it, I blurted that out while trying to anger Eleven just now. But in the end, this woman used it against me.

The rest of the bodyguards were dumbfounded and looked at each other with confusion. Although what this woman said was forcing logic, they had no way of refuting her.

Ye Wanwan let Little Stutterer help Eleven out of the ring. With an iciness in her eyes, she didn't beat around the bush and directly said, "Come at me!"

Yuan Sheng sneered. "Tsk, I wouldn't dare. If I hurt you, I couldn't make amends for it even if I died 10,000 times! I can't bear the responsibility!"

Ye Wanwan didn't have a trace of any emotions on her face. "If you don't dare, then roll out of this ring!"


Yuan Sheng was agitated and his face was filled with disdain and ridicule.

This woman is brainless. She got herself into this but she has the guts to speak so arrogantly.

Exactly like Eleven, she lost her cool with just a bit of provocation.

Indeed, trash will only produce trash.

When the bodyguards below the ring heard Ye Wanwan's ignorant and arrogant words, sure enough, looks of disgust appeared on their faces.

"Is this woman dumb? Everyone gave in to her at the bar before - does she really think she's some invincible kungfu master? She even recruited students of her own and challenged one of the strongest bodyguards! Who gave her the courage, huh?"

"She's received so much praise that she doesn't even know the truth anymore! No wonder she produced a good-for-nothing like Eleven!"

"She's unreasonable! How could this woman be compared to Miss Ruo Xi?"


Yuan Sheng sighed and looked at Xu Yi awkwardly. "Housekeeper Xu, Miss Ye is really making things hard for me. I'll let you make the final decision!"

Xu Yi's face was as black as the underside of a pot and he also had a terrible headache. He was in a dilemma and could only look at Ye Wanwan to plead for help.

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